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Jessica Alba On Full Display At MTV Movie Awards

Jessica Alba may have sworn off sleeping her way to the top in Hollywood and she may have sworn off doing nude scenes, but she's still a robo-babe celebrity in an ulta-competitive industry. The Red Carpet is always a good place to make sure your Q ratings remain high. Here's a quote that caught my attention from the Los Angeles Times, concerning the MTV Movie Awards,

"And then there was Jessica Alba, in a category all her own: She wore a diaphanous number that became transparent when illuminated by flashes from the cameras."
Not safe for work evidence after the break.

Click for full size version

Thanks to Michele for the heads up (and picture lightening).

Additional pics at:

LA Lovin (NSFW)
Useless Junk (NSFW)


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Comments (20)

This happens so often that ... (Below threshold)

This happens so often that I think the fashion designers who create the dresses for these actresses are doing it on purpose.

She's also got a see-thru h... (Below threshold)

She's also got a see-thru head.

I'm with Jinx on this! War... (Below threshold)

I'm with Jinx on this! Wardrobe malfunction type of thing and they can't be fined for it. How are they to know afterall? :)

Ugliest dress ever. Thank G... (Below threshold)

Ugliest dress ever. Thank God she flashed her boobs to distract us from it.

Nice.... (Below threshold)


I just love brown-blondes. ... (Below threshold)

I just love brown-blondes. (And the rest of her ain't bad either.)

I would bury my wife in the... (Below threshold)

I would bury my wife in the yard for Alba if I thought for a minute that A: She would come anywhere near me and B: she wasn't vapidly empty-headed.

In honor of her upcoming mo... (Below threshold)
Jay Tea:

In honor of her upcoming movie, what shall we call her:
Miss Fantastic
Invisible Dress Woman
Ms. Thang
or Lady Hot As A Torch?


Come on, guys...can't you s... (Below threshold)

Come on, guys...can't you see that JA's hooterage is as fake as a Milli Vanilli song...?

When I was a young man, my eyes bewitched me into thinking that breast implants were a good thing.

Then came the movies on "USA Up All Night" back in the mid-90's. Movie after movie of B-movie inflated hooterage, where scantily-clad B-movie bimbo bends over. Bad. Why? Because when a woman with fake hooters bends over, they hang like a Ziploc bag partially filled with water (you know how it gets those stress lines in the plastic - same effect).

After a few times being subjected to THAT visual, I was almost completely cured.

Then I had an epiphany of sorts when I found out that women whose breasts have been subjected to augmentation surgery (more often than not) lose sensation in their nipples, along with the ability to breast feed.

That was it. I was cured. A free man, no longer bewitched by my eyes' need for candy.

No more fake hooterage for me.

Call me an MCP* insensitive hedonist anyday, if you like. I don't care. More than anything, I want the real thing, real sensation, and real milk.

Anything else is just, well, fake.


* Male Chauvinist Pig

Yes, they do this for free ... (Below threshold)

Yes, they do this for free publicity. Also, it allows them to do something "naughty" without coming off as a slut. At the same time, she allows her fans to indulge themselves, and a lot of people who aren't her fans already become infatuated with her. It's genius!

As for the previous guy's comment on implants, implants are fun to look at when the person is clothed, because it looks like they're "bursting out", but they're not fun to touch, and usually look kinda weird naked. I hate implants.

Hmmm.Implants are ... (Below threshold)


Implants are like caressing a sexy football with nipples.

I personally only like "rea... (Below threshold)

I personally only like "real" breasts.

Of course, I classify them as either "real" or "imaginary".

This picture made my day. ... (Below threshold)

This picture made my day. She's one of the most stunning actresses alive.

Footballs with nipples? Sou... (Below threshold)

Footballs with nipples? Sounds like a whole new Photshop contest. Or a 49ers training film....

That should have been brown... (Below threshold)

That should have been brown-EYED blonde in my last post (^^), not brown-blonde. *SIGH*

I don't need the preview button; I need a seeing eye dog that can spell.

Actually, I suspect her bre... (Below threshold)

Actually, I suspect her breasts are real?

The reason is that I've been watching this girl since she was still jail bait and unless she got a boob job at 15 then those are the real thing. She starred in her first movie, Idle Hands, at 17. About the only good things about the movie were the fact that she was in it, and those wonderful scenes near the end of the movie where her physical assets were put to such good use. A damsel in distress never looked SO GOOD. But my point is that she was no more well endowed then than she is now.

Another more compelling reason to believe they are real is that they're normal sized breasts. They remind me of the pictures of Britney Spears BEFORE she had her "knee surgery." I don't even know if it is possible to get a boob job that only slightly increases the size of a woman's breasts.

What gives her such a knockout body is not that she is so well proportioned. If she had larger breasts it just wouldn't look good anyway.

Some people have made comments about her being ditzy or vacant headed. I don't know her, but why do people always assume that pretty girls (or in her case devastatingly beautiful girls) are incapable of having a brain? Do ugly and average people share the monopoly on intelligence and substance?

"Some people have made comm... (Below threshold)

"Some people have made comments about her being ditzy or vacant headed. I don't know her, but why do people always assume that pretty girls (or in her case devastatingly beautiful girls) are incapable of having a brain?"

No assumption necessary. The actress speaks to the press. A lot. Ms. Alba is as dumb as a box of hammers.

Shoot, I guess that blows my chances with her, doesn't it? Mrs. Spoons will be so relieved.

You are all fucking retarde... (Below threshold)

You are all fucking retarded. Jessica Alba is the hottest woman alive and you are commenting about her dress? Her fucking tits are showing! MORANS!

Jessica Alba is one of the ... (Below threshold)

Jessica Alba is one of the top 10 hottest girls on the market. I loved those pictures and I'm VERY VERY Happy she wore that dress. I put 4 of those pic's onto my cell phone, so i could check them out anytime. She is a freakin 10 and those nipples and titts are a 10. I love to get Jessica Able alone for the weekend

yeah, more celebrities shou... (Below threshold)

yeah, more celebrities should wear those thin see through kind of shirts

i wish i could just rub my face all up in those perfect titties

i could just lick them raw






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