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Whose justice?

The Organization of the Islamic Conference (which really needs to rework its name, as it sounds a bit superfluously redundant) has issued a press release last week on the now-thoroughly debunked "Koran down the toilet" story. (Hat tip: Little Green Footballs. Here is the full text of their statement:

The Official Spokesman of the Organization of the Islamic Conference, Ambassador Atta El-Manan Bakhit, has stated that the confession by the southern command of the United States army on the occurrence of cases of desecration of the Holy Qur'an in Guantanamo prison was a confirmation of the practices that had been reported in the papers and strongly condemned by the Organization of the Islamic Conference.

He said that this disgraceful conduct of those soldiers reveal their blatant hatred and disdain for the religion of millions of Muslims all over the world and throws into doubt the nature of the instructions given to the American soldiers on religious values and principles of tolerance.

He added that these unequivocally rejected practices could only lead to an incitement of religious feelings and a deepening of the gulf of difference and intolerance between the Muslim world and the United States of America.

The OIC Spokesman urged the United States Government to live up to its responsibilities and not be lenient with the perpetrators of the desecration. He also demanded that those responsible for this despicable crime should be brought to justice immediately and that urgent measures should be taken to calm the tension in the Muslim world and ensure that such detestable acts are not repeated in the future.

Now, my first reaction is to say "sure!" and go along with their demands. After all, most of the "desecrations" incurred by our people have been inadvertent, and those that were not have been dealt with. The desecrations done by the detainees, however, are far more serious. The idea of submitting these guys to Shariah justice is tremendously appealing.

But that would be a grave error. The statement by the OIC contains a very dangerous assumption, one that we dare not leave unchallenged. By calling the alleged (and discredited) allegations of desecration a "despicable crime," the OIC presumes that their laws are binding on us, and that they can get us to enforce their laws for them.

What I expect is that the Bush administration, if it even bothers to take note of this rather ludicrous ploy, will politely thank them for their concern and repeat that the matter is being handled in accordance with our own laws and policies.

Let's never forget that the same laws that OIC is citing are the same laws that require the death penalty for anyone who chooses to leave Islam. To give those laws the slightest foothold in the United States is not only a grave strategic error, it's a betrayal of our own Constitution.


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Comments (10)

these groups continue to be... (Below threshold)

these groups continue to be off their collective rockers..
I didn't see their statements on the following news stroy as I wrote last week on my blog:
KARACHI, Pakistan — A homicide bomber blew himself up during evening prayers at a Shiite mosque Monday….

I wonder how many Koran's were not defaced but outright destroyed in that attack and the 100's of other instances of attacks on Mosque's. I'm having a real hard time respecting their their religion when it's being used to kill so often.

I think to even entertain t... (Below threshold)
Just Me:

I think to even entertain the notion of enforcing Sharia law would be a really scary road to go down.

I think maybe the Muslims need to lighten up some on the whole Sharia law thing-it is time for a reformation, and here's hoping the facsist wing of the religious doesn't end up the victor while the moderates don't do crap.

I think that is what bothers me-I have been told there are moderate voices in Islam, and other than Irshad Manji, I haven't really heard too many of them condemning the fascist wing of their religion. I mean honestly you would think if there was anytime for the moderate voices to speak out, it would be over the Koran stuff.

The greatest, most severe p... (Below threshold)

The greatest, most severe punishment for "desecrating" the Koran any member of our military should receive is reassignment. That's it, nothing more. And it could even be reassignment of duties within the same unit.

The way our media is treating this story is just obscene. What was it, last week or 2 weeks ago, that terrorists blew up a Mosque and it wasn't a story for more than a day. But for some reason the mishandling of a Koran is a greater offense.

I mean seriously, this is just a book, I know its holy to those in the Muslim faith, but so our honor killings. And I don't think even those so vehemently against GWB would defend a Muslim who killed his wife because she went somewhere or did something with another man.

Mike you make a good point.... (Below threshold)
Just Me:

Mike you make a good point.

The muslim fanatics don't seem to be rioting in the streets, because several Korans were descrated in a Mosque bombing, but God forbid that a soldier touch a Koran doing a security search.

Are you guys seriously beli... (Below threshold)

Are you guys seriously believing that after Abu Ghraib, with more photos of homosexual sex still to be released, after the torture planes, after all this you don't believe that an American soldier could defile the Quran? With the same people in charge at Gitmo as Abu Ghraib?
May i just add that you are the only country in the world who doesn't believe this.

GordonWhat IS your... (Below threshold)


What IS your problem?

There has been NO torture at Gitmo and within 31,000 documents, FIVE instances of mishandling of the Koran.

Abu Ghraib was abberation and the military already had it completely under investigation months prior to the breathless prose of the MSM...indeed, the military had already TOLD the MSM about Abu Ghraib, but they ignored running with the story until the pics came out.

I don't effing care if someone DID flush a Koran (never happened) .... it does not justify moslems rioting and murdering.

YOu seem bound and determined to talk yourself into being a good dhimmi.

I wouldn't hold my breath w... (Below threshold)

I wouldn't hold my breath when it comes to Bush policing betrayals of our Constitution.

"The muslim fanatics don't ... (Below threshold)

"The muslim fanatics don't seem to be rioting in the streets, because several Korans were descrated in a Mosque bombing, but God forbid that a soldier touch a Koran doing a security search."

Gee, do you think that the fanatics doing the bombing and fanatics doing the rioting want the same thing? That they're on the same side? And that, low and behold, religious fanaticism is for them is just another means for a minority to seize power? It amazes me that you all can use the rioting in Pakistan to both beat up on Newsweek and Islam as a whole without the slightest thought to the idea that these fanatics are a minority made larger by your own fanatical reponses to their provocations. Not to mention the fact that if all the fanatics needed was one incident of abuse, just one, to trumpet anyway they wanted, well, we gave them what they wanted in spades. But still, with every unthinking, cry of "See look, Islam is evil" you throw more fuel on the fire. Yup, It's going to be a long Holy War.

It amazes me that you al... (Below threshold)

It amazes me that you all can use the rioting in Pakistan to both beat up on Newsweek and Islam as a whole without the slightest thought to the idea that these fanatics are a minority made larger by your own fanatical reponses to their provocations.

Yes, its all our fault that Islam is evil!! Come on, we all know that Islam is the religion of peace!! Everyday I hear those moderates Muslims denounce the very terrorists the kill in the name of their religion of peace. We just constantly provoke those extremists with our book torture and lifestyles. I mean it's not like there are Islamic clerics enraging the masses through anti-American propaganda or anything like that, now is there frameone??

And gordon, more photos of homosexual sex??? More photos??? When were the first ones released?? Just make sure they are not from a porn site, it's not like people have done that before to try and tarnish our military and GWB.

"...and not be lenient with... (Below threshold)

"...and not be lenient with the perpetrators of the desecration." And what exactly does THAT mean? What is their Sharia Law on that one? Death? Dismemberment? Stoning?






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