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Washington State Governor Election Upheld

The last major election from 2004 that was still, marginally, in play moved a step closer to resolution today.

WENATCHEE, WA (Seattle P-I) - Gov. Christine Gregoire's narrow 2004 election victory was upheld this morning by a judge who said Republicans failed to show that voting problems in King County and elsewhere were the reason Gregoire won by 129 votes.

Bridges said there was evidence that 1,678 illegal votes were cast in the 2004 election, including 1,391 votes by felons. However Bridges said there was no evidence that Gregoire benefited from the illegal votes.

Michelle Malkin live blogged the decision and has an extensive roundup of reactions.

Update: Rossi will not appeal the decision.

Comments (16)

Everyone knows that felons ... (Below threshold)

Everyone knows that felons naturally vote Republican anyway!


Let's hope this is it, the ... (Below threshold)

Let's hope this is it, the "final answer" from Rossi. Or does he now appeal, and appeal again, and continue the B acting role of the jaded lover?

What is interesting about t... (Below threshold)

What is interesting about this whole debacle (and for the record, I live in Washington state) is that Rossi won the election twice (once following the count from the general election and again after the mandatory machine count). Gregoire protested both counts, demanded a hand count, got it, won by 129 votes (after which most of the MSM quickly forgot the election) and yet Rossi turns out to be the _jaded lover_. Amazing! Of course, YMMV

Was that Judge Frameone, Ju... (Below threshold)

Was that Judge Frameone, Judge Minnie, or Judge Clive Tolson?

The judge ALSO said that it... (Below threshold)

The judge ALSO said that it was his determination that it wasn't within his purview to make this decision (to discard the election result) and that he suggested that "the people of Washington state" would certainly find motivation to pursue "their" revote, a new election.

I think the judge is being misperceived, and since when as conservatives do we actually WANT anyone in the judiciary determining who should be governor? I'm just saying, the people of Washington State should pursue a new election, given the overwhelming evidence that there was not an accurate vote determined in this last gubernatiorial process and that the lady in the governor's manse is playing house.

Rossie was elected to the office and there needs to be a new election. I don't know how they'll bring that about but it needs to take place...and then charges levelled for various misdeeds against those who participated in the first disaster (which I'm assuming are the many Democrats who "made it happen" by hook or by crook, probably both).

On the other hand, the judg... (Below threshold)

On the other hand, the judge ruling "that (the Democrat lady playing governor) that "there is no evidence that ballots were changed...that lawful votes were removed..." seems nearly insane.

If not insane altogether. My conclusion is that Washington State has some very resigned and probably minority in number Democrats who are really determined to deny voter reality.

Plus, on a personal note, the lady housesitter in the governor's manse in Washington State really, really gives me the creeps. She looks like she's going to bite the microphone every time she's before one.

I beleive that the judge wa... (Below threshold)

I beleive that the judge was backed into a corner with this. The Washington state election law seems to lean toward having to prove fraud, not just incompetance.

Of course, King County (Seattle) is always incompetant in favor of Democrates. Strange, ain't it?

Steve - Yep. Democrats cou... (Below threshold)

Steve - Yep. Democrats count ballots until they find a win, then they stop. If they really cared about every vote, they'd drag out the counting process for months.

Oh Jinx, clearly Republican... (Below threshold)

Oh Jinx, clearly Republican had the moral highground on these disputed elections until Rossi. He has kinda messed up that axiom be being such a whinny girlie-man about it. I think the only thing worse than losing to a girl is losing to a girl and then crying about the rules.

If he doesn't like it, vote her out next time. That would be the gentlemanly thing to do. Or better yet, impeach the wench. That would be a very manly thing to do.


Looks like Gregoire will se... (Below threshold)
Eneils Bailey:

Looks like Gregoire will serve out her term under a cloud of suspicion. Her poll numbers in Washington were really low because of ths, the last I saw them. Since when is having something stolen from you and trying to get it back considered whinning? If the people of Washington don't correct this problem in the next election, they deserve leaders like Gregoire. I think this hurts the Democrats, in the long run, in the state of Washington. Having the victory awarded to you on a court ordered second recount in a heavily Democrat county, after an election and a legal recount should make the people of Washingon feel as though going to the polls is a waste of time. And before all you Liberals go into sound bite mode about Bush in Florida, go back and check your history, as to what actually happened.

Well, the judge basically s... (Below threshold)

Well, the judge basically said "Votes don't count. Just stuff the ballot box until your guy wins and we won't do anything about it."

Have a re-vote? That's useless as they can just go back and stuff the box again...

and since when as conser... (Below threshold)

and since when as conservatives do we actually WANT anyone in the judiciary determining who should be governor?

I don't know, but none of you seemed to have a problem when the judiciary chose the president.

Truly amazing, how people w... (Below threshold)

Truly amazing, how people will insist on drawing paralells between WA 2004 and FL 2000, despite the _absence_ of provable and election-swinging hanky-panky in FL, and the _very definitely proven_ presence of same here in WA.

Including at least one King County ballot worker, quoted as saying "this is just payback for FL." Presumably before stuffing a set of "newly-found" ballots directly into the voting machines.

At least Rossi has more class than Gore about the whole thing, and is dropping further proceedings.

The judge *did* make clear he didn't think it was his perogative to set aside the election--which, legally speaking, is correct. That's the purview of the (D)-dominated state legislature. Funny how they didn't see fit to intervene.

I--and many other voters--will have to work hard during the next election cycle to bring them to account for failing in their duties. And to re-elect Rossi by a large enough margin that a few 'found boxes' of ballots in a warehouse can't swing things again.

Fortunetly, whocares, the D... (Below threshold)

Fortunetly, whocares, the Democrats efforts to stuff the ballot boxes in Florida failed and mantis, despite the Florida Supreme Court (all Democrats) efforts to steal the election from Bush by re-writing the election laws after the election we were fortunate to have the Supreme Court see through their antics.

mantis: I wrote that most ... (Below threshold)

mantis: I wrote that most conservatives don't WANT the judiciary to determine an election. That the Supreme Court intervened in the last Presidential Election was necessary but they certainly didn't determine the election, given that Bush's vote count still placed him in the lead. Democrats tried nearly everything to make it not so, much as they did, from what it looks like, in Washington State.

I'm this evening thinking that the Gregoire behavior will be her demise and Democrats' loss along with Gregoire's, in the long run. If Rossi wins the Senate seat (I bet he will), Gregoire just has nothing else left for her to win, since she certainly won't be able to tweak her way back into her current housesitting term.

I see the left's new hero, ... (Below threshold)

I see the left's new hero, Galloway also seems to have been elected via vote fraud...no wonder the think the Right does it...the have no other concept other than to cheat to win...






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