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Live8's Grassroots Campaign For Africa

As others have noted Joe Trippi and John Hinderaker organized a conference call with Live8 organizer, Sir Bob Geldof this afternoon. Rather that attempt to make sense of my scribbled notes from the call, I'll direct you to Captain's Quarters and Indepundit for recaps of the call.

I'll echo the general impressions I've read elsewhere as to the forthrightness and honesty with which Geldof spoke. While I (like others) have my skepticisms, not all of which have been allayed, the impression I get is that the concerts are a hook to the more serious business at hand. Live8 isn't looking to raise money to funnel to corrupt leaders, in fact they're not looking for private donations at all. They're simply talking about steps the G8 nations (and the UN and IMF) can take to address the pressing issues in Africa. Steps, by the way, the G8 nations agreed to take 5 years ago.

I've been following the work of Bill & Melinda Gates' World Vision organization and have noted the success they've had in Africa, and am heartened to find a broad coalition of technical, political, and religious voices joining their cause. It's a new, more intelligent kind of aid that recognizes the failures of past money dumps and demands accountability and results on all parties. This March 1, 2005 editorial by Bill Gate and Bono summarizes the challenges and opportunity.

While Geldof, et. all may not have all the answers, they're at least highlighting the right question, "What should the industrialized world do about Africa?"


Make Poverty History
The One Campaign


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Sorry this is so long, it i... (Below threshold)

Sorry this is so long, it is something close to my heart.

I was actually shocked to see the respect given between the liberal and conservative standard-bearers during this interview with Geldof. Maybe there is hope. I was also pleased to see someone mention the positives of foreign aid and the necessity to report it.

When the tsunami hit, our small church was very generous and donated the equivalent of one week’s collection, above and beyond normal tithes (typically 10% of ones income). It was my immediate thought that people who give so generously should be given the courtesy of seeing the fruits of their labor. I quickly set up a link with the missionary whose ministry was the recipient of our donation. In a timely manner he sent me pictures that I posted on a website for all to see. I also used this in a PPT for our church to see.

Example: http://muggle.smugmug.com/gallery/403211/1

Bottom line, people respond to different stimuli and we should recognize and utilize every peaceful tool available. I personally can only respond to so many emaciated child shots before my brain switches off. I have to see some progress or I assume the same as everyone else, the money is going into someone else’s pocket for much less than the noble cause intended.

I believe the best place to put money like this is through faith based initiatives, like the missionary I am personally involved with. There is more accountability, I like the fact that he didn’t go out and buy food to rot in a warehouse, he bought pots and pans so the food given could be stored, prepared and water sterilized. He is still helping the tsunami victims by purchasing boats and nets so they can get back to what they do best, feed themselves.

However I do see a glimpse of the same forethought being given by Geldof. Maybe there is hope for secular missionaries; but first we must talk with respect to one another. Very encouraging.

Fellow Bloggers:Pl... (Below threshold)

Fellow Bloggers:

Please note that there is no such entity as "Bill & Melinda Gates' World Vision organization."

Mr. Gates and his wife are the principals of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation which generously funds numerous programs in the US and internationally related to health and education.

World Vision is an international Christian humanitarian organization helping address root causes of poverty in nearly 100 countries. It has more than 22,000 staff.

Thank you for this opportunity to clarify.

Sincere regards and appreciation.

Dean Owen
World Vision Communications






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