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John Kerry, The Graduate

In his dreams...

Newsmash: John Kerry and Anne Bancroft
Thanks to Tom Ferguson for the graphic.


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Comments (26)

Nope, didn't need that...</... (Below threshold)

Nope, didn't need that...

Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeewwwwwwwwwwww... (Below threshold)


...it *was* the first thoug... (Below threshold)

...it *was* the first thought that crossed my mind when I saw Hoffman in that photo.

Separated at birth??

He might have nearly flunke... (Below threshold)

He might have nearly flunked out in college but he excelled at seducing rich older women. Not ones as attractive as Anne Bancroft, but still......

Esh... Looks li... (Below threshold)


Looks like a young Fred Gwynn..

....or a nerdy John ... (Below threshold)

....or a nerdy John Elway..

Aieee! That's just all ki... (Below threshold)

Aieee! That's just all kinds of wrong.

I'm thinking that Kerry might end up looking like Lurch from the Addams Family in 30 years. He certainly had a good start on it in that photo.

Hey, Kevin, I was all over ... (Below threshold)

Hey, Kevin, I was all over this-- last night!

Point Five

(Although your version of the photoshop isn't lifted from mine, so I guess I can't really start screaming.)

Great, and then I screwed u... (Below threshold)

Great, and then I screwed up the link.

No free hits for me.

This is funny, how, exactly... (Below threshold)

This is funny, how, exactly?

Poor Anne Bankroft. She did... (Below threshold)

Poor Anne Bankroft. She did NOT deserve that.

Maybe someone with a little... (Below threshold)

Maybe someone with a little more photoshop experience can replace Anne's face with madame Binh's. I tried it but I'm not very good a PS. I just hate to see him with a decent woman and he was licking her boots about the time the Graduate came out. Just seems to fit better.

Lowmal -- you mean <a href=... (Below threshold)

Lowmal -- you mean this Fred Gwynn?

Why is everyone insulting F... (Below threshold)

Why is everyone insulting Fred Gwynn? He never looked THAT bad.

Did he play in Happy Days?<... (Below threshold)

Did he play in Happy Days?

“I remember Christmas of 19... (Below threshold)

“I remember Christmas of 1968, sitting on a bed in a hotel room. I remember what it was like to be hit on, and seduced, by my father’s boss’s wife. And then to have her tell her husband that I was NOT there. I have that memory that is seared…seared…in me. I remember fighting my way up her stockings, putting the magic helmet on my little soldier, illegally crossing the border, and finally, reluctantly, entering….Mrs. Robinson.”

Hehe jmaster. Liberals mak... (Below threshold)

Hehe jmaster. Liberals make love, not war.

McCain,To be hones... (Below threshold)


To be honest, I was going for the angle that Kerry just makes stuff up, and then believes it. The delusional thing.

But I have to admit that the make love, not war spin might be even better. Maybe its best to think of this as just one layer piled atop another.

How lucky we are to be presented with such rich material…

That class photo of Kerry r... (Below threshold)

That class photo of Kerry reminds me of one of the aliens on Star Trek (original series), that had a giant sucker where a mouth should be and was, basically, a sucker: sucked the life out of others inorder to sustain itself...

I've been trying to find a photo but haven't been able to, but the visual remains quite vivid in my memory, and seems a near match for Kerry's photo.

I've been trying to find... (Below threshold)

I've been trying to find a photo but haven't been able to, but the visual remains quite vivid in my memory, and seems a near match for Kerry's photo.

Someone else noticed the resemblence...


Is that supposed to be John... (Below threshold)

Is that supposed to be John Kerry? The guy looks more like John Elway.

scott! <a href="http://www... (Below threshold)

scott! That's it!

-S-, scott:It was ... (Below threshold)

-S-, scott:

It was quite literally the first thing that popped into my head when I saw the Kerry photo.

I'm not actually proud of that fact, mind you....

Classic.Thank for ... (Below threshold)


Thank for sharing.

Russ...it was mine, too. I... (Below threshold)

Russ...it was mine, too. I spent a bit of time afterward looking around for a picute of the Sucker, to no avail. But, like you, the Sucker image was the very first thing that came to mind when I saw that Kerry photo (on Drudge the other day).

"Plastics.""But if... (Below threshold)


"But if that doesn't work, try ketchup."






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