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Woman Caught Driving With Children in Her Trunk


Todays candidate for "Mom Of The Year" is from Fredrick county Maryland.

Thurmont, Md. (AP) - Thurmont woman is being charged three counts of reckless endangerment for driving with three children in the closed trunk of her car.

The charges against Lanora Lucas are misdemeanors punishable by up to five years behind bars and $5,000 fines. According to police, an off-duty state trooper saw the children get out of the trunk just before noon on Saturday at a parking lot on Frederick Road. Police say when Lucas and the children returned to the car minutes later, the children climbed back inside the trunk and the car took off.

When Thurmont police caught up with her, they say Lucas told them the kids wanted to ride in the trunk. The children were her 3-year-old daughter, her 9-year-old son and his 8-year-old friend.

The traffic stop was recorded on videotape. On the tape, Lucas is heard telling police she drives a bus for the Frederick County schools. The school system says she has not driven for the county schools for three years.

Considering the high heat and humidity we've had lately in the DC area I was relived to find, via Weather.com, that at the time of the arrest the temperature was only 73 degrees with 65% humidity. Twenty four hours later (Sunday) it was 90 degrees and sunny and 90 degrees, which would have made trunk even more of a a mobile oven than it was at 73 degrees.

Thurmont Woman Accused of Driving With Children in Her Trunk - [Video]


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Comments (7)

Guess she solved that pesky... (Below threshold)
Eneils Bailey:

Guess she solved that pesky problem, "what will I do with the kids now that school is out and day care is sooo damn expensive." Seriously, what she did is really dangerous.

Good thing school buses don... (Below threshold)

Good thing school buses don't have trunks.

This is the second case I'v... (Below threshold)

This is the second case I've heard of in the last couple of weeks...I'm beginning to think mental illness is contagious!

When Thurmont police cau... (Below threshold)

When Thurmont police caught up with her, they say Lucas told them the kids wanted to ride in the trunk.

They might also want to smoke a few cigarettes and drink a few beers, is she going to let them?

What an idiot.

Just more proof that there ... (Below threshold)

Just more proof that there are people out there who have no business being parents. Good gosh!

My understanding is that he... (Below threshold)

My understanding is that her defense will be based on the fact that she was in fact planning on thusly sneaking them into the drive-in movie, a widely recognised justification for trunk rides.

The other recent case the a... (Below threshold)

The other recent case the above commenter probably heard about wasn't while the car was in motion.

A woman in Asheville, NC left her kid in the trunk of her car with food, toys and a fan while she worked at a nursing home or a similar facility.

It happened twice and the second time her kid died. She had just checked on him an hour earlier allegedly.

The woman was homeless before the job in question and said that no one could keep her kid those days and she couldn't afford childcare.






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