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Dean Not The Life Of The Party

"If Governor Dean were not being effective, they would not be going after him so strongly."
House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi defending DNC Chairman Howard Dean moments after disassociating herself from his recent dimwittery.

The Hill reports that DNC fundraising in the first four months of 2005 lagged behind the Republican National Committee by a margin of $24 million. The Republicans raised $42.6 million to the Democrats' $18.6 million. They also report that three top DNC fundraisers recently resigned, prompting concern in some Democratic circles that Dean's fundraising operation is troubled. Townhall has a fictional campaign ad highlighting Dean's effectiveness. It's so good we can only hope it actually gets made.

If that's Democrats idea of effective I'd hate to see what it takes to get labeled as ineffective.

Update: Interestingly Harper's publisher John MacArthur says Dean's problems as Chairman are that he's doing the bidding of party leaders, "erstwhile Democratic reformer and truth talker, talking nonsense on behalf of a party leadership that hates reform and despises the truth."


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Comments (28)

OT but somewhat amusing...<... (Below threshold)
Smug Monkey:

OT but somewhat amusing...

I HATE it when people steal my bandwidth.


And this is the most effect... (Below threshold)

And this is the most effective spokesman the Republicans can come up with?


Oh, and for the record Dean... (Below threshold)

Oh, and for the record Dean kicks ass!

Dean effective? She's kiddi... (Below threshold)
jackie Q.:

Dean effective? She's kidding right? Independent Sources created a job performance review for Mr. Dean and not surprisingly it gave him UNSATISFACTORY. Pretty humorous plus true.


Nancy thinks the reaction s... (Below threshold)

Nancy thinks the reaction shows Dean is effective? I hope she is trying to make the best of a bad situation, because the Repubs are simply making the best of a good situation. This idiot, Dean, is mouthing off and hurting Democrats chances with swing voters. If she truly thinks he is good for the party we will see her departure before too long, and I don't care how well she raises money. That, after all, is the sole reason she holds the minority leader post.

Come on folks! Let's all ge... (Below threshold)

Come on folks! Let's all get behind Howard Dean! I think his public statements are great for the Democratic Party! I think he should seriously make a play for the 2008 nomination! I encourage him to speak out at every opportunity! I think he is eloquent and erudite and articulates the heart and soul of the Democratic Party like no other can! I thhink it's refeshing that he speaks his mind and isn't afraid to say what so many true-blue Democrats believe!

Come on!!!! Let's all GET BEHIND HOWIE!!!!!!

frameone: thank you for co... (Below threshold)

frameone: thank you for confirming that Dean has the entire premise backwards as to what party he supposedly is representing.

I'll help you out: the ass is supposed to be kicking, not being kicked.

As to the thread, the premi... (Below threshold)

As to the thread, the premise here, Democrats/Liberals assume any attention is a-o.k. That it means they are "popular," and/or "important," and/or making an impact.

I think that's just party-on nonsense, but what else is new.

Because, what I've concluded is that this (story/thread)...you know, the Democrats and particularly Dean just continue on with what they already should have learned was bad behavior, and was off-putting to many voters. But, no.

What I don't understand is why Dean is quite so nasty, and unproductive. He's truly disturbed if he actually believes what he's been saying (past and present). Otherwise, he's blatantly lying for theatrical (and pandering) motives. Both are pretty terrible.

Dean: The gift that keeps o... (Below threshold)

Dean: The gift that keeps on giving... to the RNC!!!

Dean is better than I ever ... (Below threshold)

Dean is better than I ever could have imagined.

More please!

The only issue I have is that the press *underreports* his more outrageous statements. Well, we can't have it all.

Actually, it's not uncommon... (Below threshold)

Actually, it's not uncommon for the minority party to lag behind the majority party at this point in a new year/new administration. That said, the minority party is not supposed to lag this much! Dean is a major factor in this -- his message just doesn't resonate with any of the grassroots Democrats; he's playing to the hard left.

As NR has repeatedly said: "Nominate this man!"

This just proves how out of... (Below threshold)

This just proves how out of touch the party is and how big of a mystery the reasons Kerry lost remain to them. I'm not even sure that Kerry himself understands that he did lose, and the fact that he seems to still be campaigning leads me to believe that it's possible he doesn't even know the election was already held. I guess all D's he got in college were a sign of things to come.

I espescially enjoyed watch... (Below threshold)

I espescially enjoyed watching Reid sitting next to Dean and saying that "everyone makes mistatements".

And the Dean shoved it right up Reid's ass.


Out of curiosity, does anyo... (Below threshold)

Out of curiosity, does anyone know how the Dem vs. Republican funding looks if you look at not just DNC vs. RNC but at DNC + MoveOn.org + Mothers Against the Unborn + Tin Foil Hat World Fund + etc. vs. RNC?


- This is more about the De... (Below threshold)

- This is more about the Dean/Clinton slugfest within the party. The Deaniacs have taken the gas twice in a row and are ratcheting up the abrasiveness, trying to maintain control of the hard left loons. They're so intent on that battle they've completely ignored any sort of voter/money gathering efforts. They better get their act in gear and settle the internal squabbles soon. 2006 is just around the corner.....

- Kerry.... Kerry....Isn't he the horse faced Senator, married to that Ketchup slut heiress. I seem to vaguely recall he lost the presidency when he couldn't find his service records or something like that... Is he still around? I thought he was going to try his hand in the Botox arena......

Oh so effective: F... (Below threshold)

Oh so effective:

Friday June 10, 2005 7:46 AM
WASHINGTON (AP) - As the war in Iraq drags on, President Bush's job approval and the public's confidence in the direction he's taking the nation are at their lowest levels since The Associated Press-Ipsos poll began in December 2003.
ust 41 percent say they support his handling of the war, also a low-water mark.
Support for Bush's handling of domestic issues remained in the high 30s and low 40s in the latest AP-Ipsos poll.

Thirty-seven percent support Bush's handling of Social Security, while 59 percent disapprove. Those numbers haven't budged after more than four months of the president traveling the country to sell his plan to create private accounts in Social Security.

Support for his handling of the economy was at 43 percent.

Congress gets even lower grades than Bush, a potentially troubling development for those seeking re-election next year.

Only about three in 10 polled said they approve of the job being done by Congress, while 64 percent disapprove.


Of course frameone goes off... (Below threshold)

Of course frameone goes off-topic. "Gov. Dean is wonderful! Wonderful, I say! Look! Here's an AP-Ipsos poll! Watch that, don't listen to Gov. Dean!" [Sarcasm-off]

Anyway, the problem that Gov. Dean gives the Democrat Party is that he is vrey popular with the MoveOn,org wing of the party. However, they aren't the people that run the party primaries and caucuses. Remember, Gov. Dean had his great web-army up until Iowa, but it was the party regulars that said "No, thank you," to his candidacy. That split wa papered over for the last election. In 2006 we will see it appear again in the form of the party nominating fights for senate and house runs. That will be the opening salvo of the fight for the 2008 presidential nomination for the Democrats, and will give a good idea whether there will be a compromise between the party regulars and the Dean e-surgents or if there will be a fight.

All too interesting.

Off topic? With all the "No... (Below threshold)

Off topic? With all the "Nominate Dean" and "Let's hope the Dems keep following Dean's lead down the drain" talk it sounds like conservatives would love to run in 2006 and 2008 on anything but their actual record and popularity with the public. Of course, that's always been the Repub strategy.

Again, off topic, which was... (Below threshold)

Again, off topic, which was Gov. Dean and his gaffes, which no political party can afford.

In Re Iraq and the greater war on Extemist Islamic terror:
When the Democrats have an actual strategy to put forward other than mere criticism (as opposed to constructive criticism, which they have yet to do) then the Republicans will have worries on this front. As it is now, the Republicans are the only game in town when it comes to serious - and I mean serious - responses to this problem.

Until then, the Democrats will continue to give the Republicans a default win on the National Security issue, one of the most important issues for the past 60 years.

Gaffes? I hardly think Dean... (Below threshold)

Gaffes? I hardly think Dean's comments qualify as gaffes. He speaks his mind and THAT is what will put Dems back in office.
Let's face it.
Bush and Co. blew their wad in Iraq. Whatever "serious" response they might have had to terrorism is now entirely dependent on how Iraq goes and they've mismanaged it from the start. Correcting this mismanagement, really supporting our troops -- with equipment, pay and foreign policy that makes sense -- is the first thing Dems can do.
Yes, the Dems need to communicate their plans better but the first step is to put a spine back in the party and Dean is doing a great job on that front. If we can't stand up the Repiblicans how can we be expected to stand up to bin Laden? But stand up to him and fight him the Dems can and will.

First they need a plan, the... (Below threshold)

First they need a plan, the party has plenty of spine and always had one. A political party as old as the Democrat Party, and one that had power for so many years has plenty of spine and knows how to fight on the American politcal scene; any suggestion otherwise is an insult to the party and its forebearers. Get over that "we're too nice to win" idea, it has no basis in reality.

Okay, for sake of argument, the Iraq campaign is mismanaged. Now what? Got an idea of what to do? Do you want victory? Retreat? What?

That's the problem. It isn't the Democrats can't fight. It isn't that they can't get their message across - they get quoted in the newspapers, on radio, on broadcast television and cable television. The problem is they have yet to put together a new message. Warming up the leftovers from FDR and LBJ won't cut it anymore - those ideas are old, have been tried, and have been found - in some areas - to be wanting. The Democrats need a message. Because they don't have a message they have had to fall back on their messanger and hope he can charm a majority of the voters. Unfortunately they have Gov. Dean, and he has fallen back on personal insults as a message.

Do you think a litany of insults is actually going to get a majority of voters to follow your party? I don't, I think it signals how adrift the Democrats are right now. It could even be more frightening than that. The example of Dr. Dean and the insults he dishes out daily, and the over-the-top rhetoric from Amnesty International (as mainstream and NGO as there ever was) should worry you. Perhaps they think they've lost, it's all over bar the shouting (and shout they will) and they are giving out comforting rhetoric for their troops as they prepare for minority status and eclipse for the foreseeable future.

I don't know, that would be a worst-case scenario. But I do know that you are not going to retake national political power on a platform that consists soely of calling your political enemies names. Get some ideas. Gingrich playued hardball. He also brought ideas to the table.

Upon reflection, forget everything I just said. Continue the insults, compare Bush to central European dictators, compare the US military to the NKVD, continue that program. Please. Just close your eyes, do that, and think of America.

"Unfortunately they have Go... (Below threshold)

"Unfortunately they have Gov. Dean, and he has fallen back on personal insults as a message."

Personal insults? The latest brouhaha is over his description of the Republican party as a party that most represents the rich by exploiting the fears of white Christians. Is it an insult to be righ, white and Christian? Do you deny that the elected representatives and leadership of the Republican party are largely well to do white Christian males?

Anyone here want to argue the facts of that statement?

As to the Dem policy on Iraq what else is there to say except that since we're stuck there for the duration (because Bush lied to get us there) let's have a party in office will really support the troops, not just give lip service to the issue, a party that will tell the truth about how long we can expect to be there and our long term intentions in the region, a party that will engage constructively with our allies to calm tensions in the region instead of inflame them with empty ultimatums that stoke the domestic base but do little to help our troops on the ground. A party that will fully and transparently investigate claims of abuse in American prisons and take real action to ensure that it doesn't happen again. etc etc. All of which the Democrats have been saying repeatedly. Is it unfair to suggest that Bush is an incompetent "dissasembler" and that if you want to win the war on terror you need adults running the show?

In other words, you don't h... (Below threshold)

In other words, you don't have a message, just spittle-emitting rage. Glad you cleared that up. Just ignore the rest of my statements, please. It'll be better for the nation, I think.

Speaking of "disassembler",... (Below threshold)

Speaking of "disassembler", it is fun to watch Mikey disassemble frameone.

If that's Democrats idea... (Below threshold)

If that's Democrats idea of effective I'd hate to see what it takes to get labeled as ineffective.

Dollars raised by DNC:
Feb-April 2003: $8.5 million
Feb-April 2005: $14.7 million

By the RNC (same time period)
2003: $25.7 million
2005: $32.4 million

So under Dean the DNC raised almost twice as much as two years ago, which is slightly less than half the RNC, compared to 1/3 two years ago. So it seems fundraising under Dean has in fact been more effective than in the past. Let's also not forget that the Dems always lag behind the Republicans, and that 2004 was the first election in which they raised an equal amount. Keep to your talking points though, they're much more reassuring than facts.

"Okay, for sake of argument... (Below threshold)

"Okay, for sake of argument, the Iraq campaign is mismanaged."

I can't believe I even have to spell this out. If we accept the premise, nee the fact, that the Iraq campaign has been mismanaged what's my number first message?
Get rid of the people who are mismanaging it.

Please tell me how any of what you find so vague above is any different from the Bush line of spreading freedom as we turn endless corners. The guys that fucked this thing up are still running the show and you're okay with that? How about we try a leader who isn't afraid to speak the truth to the American and Iraqi people about the reality of the situation.

BTW why no response to that... (Below threshold)

BTW why no response to that fact that Dean was speaking the truth about the make up and managemens of the GOP?

Sigh. This is old. Make-u... (Below threshold)

Sigh. This is old. Make-up and management of the GOP? And Dr. Dean is what himself? Rich white Episcopalian? So that makes the leadership of the Democrat Party what? Why on earth would he even bring that point up? Who even gives a whoop-de-do?

Let's try the evil/good quote, and the I hate Republicans quote. A party leader, especially one running for the Presidency, shouldn't be doing that. You hire a Carville or Coulter to do that sort of thing. It's real hard to look presidential when you're down in the mud.

In Re Iraq Campaign:
So what do we do? You haven't answered that one, the Democrat Party hasn't come up with a plan or policy. Present that and you would have something to use in the next presidential election. The Democrats tried arguing that it was a mismanaged campaign and that they could do better without saying what that was. It didn't work in November, and it won't work in 2008. Come up with a plan, and let's hear it. Stop carping and state something that shows you are serious about national defense in this age.
FWIW, I am not arguing that the campaign was mismanaged. A quick look through a general history text would show that for a campaign of this size things have run incredibly smoothly. Not perfectly, because that is never the standard. Unless you are just a critic with nothing constructive to say.

BTW, I was on a short vacation and was off-line. Good to do that from time to time.






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