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Quote Of The Day - l33t sp34k Edition

John Lennon said the Beatles were more popular than Jesus. No argument, it was true, they were. Well, even though the vast majority of people have never heard of Steve [Gilmor] or myself, we're more influential than John Lennon or Bob Dylan ever were. We're media hackers.
Dave Winer, RSS pioneer and one of the original forces behind podcasting, blowing a bit of smoke up his own backside. This time last year Winer was pissing off thousands of weblogs.com user by shutting down the site with no notice. Bad publicity finally forced him to agree to help users recover their data.

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John Lennon said the Beatle... (Below threshold)

John Lennon said the Beatles were more popular than Jesus.

If we take away the technology that created the beatles, then there would have been no beatles. There can be no comparison since JESUS did not have the availability of TV, movies, amplification, press agents, etc. Thus, lennon's comment is simply absurd. The real comparison should be, "Who did more for the betterment of mankind?"

Winer is aptly named. His ... (Below threshold)

Winer is aptly named. His latest dust-up with Adam Curry only reinforces that which bloggers knew about him a long time ago. He's all about the "love me" aspect of being famous.






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