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Letterman Features "Boom Goes The Dynamite!" Kid

Last month we linked to Ball State journalism student Brian Collins' legendarily bad sportscast. Tonight Collins was featured on David Letterman's Late Show, which shouldn't be a surprise since Letterman is from Indiana and went to Ball State.

It turns out that Collins' pathetic SportsCenter-like signature line, "boom goes the dynamite" has actually been adopted by a few knowing sportscasters. The smart ones deliver it with the same emotionless voice...

If you didn't catch Collins' sportscast the first time around this is probably your last chance, as his clock probably struck 15:00 this evening.

Video Link: Boom Goes The Dynamite! - (Wizbang Media)

Comments (14)

Watched the video. Seems th... (Below threshold)

Watched the video. Seems that, as a joke, someone translated his script into Japanese, then back to English.

For his next trick, Brian will release a cover of
"Everybody Walk the Dinosaur."

Boom boom acka-lacka-lacka boom
boom boom acka-lacka boom boom
Boom boom acka-lacka-lacka boom
boom boom acka-lacka boom boom...

Goes the dynamite.

uh, I think I'll pass.... (Below threshold)

uh, I think I'll pass.

Here's the thing. He did en... (Below threshold)

Here's the thing. He did end up on Letterman.

Fifteen minutes of fame is more than I've had. Collins is a footnote, not a laughingstock. When he's 65 and talking to his grandkids, he'll be able to look back and laugh.

Heck, look at William Hung. He made a couple of shekels from Cingular ads, etc - and all because he embarassed himself on national TV. Not a bad swap.

And now we're writing about them...

Where's the boom goes the d... (Below threshold)

Where's the boom goes the dynamite? There was supposed to be an earth-shattering boom goes the dynamite.

I am a Telecommunications m... (Below threshold)

I am a Telecommunications major at Ball State University and friend of Brian Collins. He lived on my floor this past school year. It was great to see Brian on Letterman last night (Thursday, June 9, 2005). I'm glad he finally became a good sport about it. For so long, he would hope that it would all just go away. Last night, Letterman helped him out big time. From the ashes of live television infamy, Brian Collins has morphed from laughing stock of Generation Y message boards to household name for the entire country. WAY TO GO, BC! "BOOM GOES THE DYNAMITE!"

anyone have a link to the v... (Below threshold)

anyone have a link to the video the played last night on letterman with all the other sports broadcasters saying boom goes the dynamite

Is Brian Collins involved w... (Below threshold)

Is Brian Collins involved with the Boom Goes The Dynamite T-shirts on EBAY?

Hey! The guy also got on th... (Below threshold)
Rick James:

Hey! The guy also got on the Early Show, so eventually CBS'll suck him dry. That or every other network will ask for him.

so when and how did he exac... (Below threshold)

so when and how did he exactly mess up?

"oh no"

Here is the thing - I am a ... (Below threshold)
P-Town Princess:

Here is the thing - I am a tcom student at BSU as well and I think he is a big baby. What the nation doesn't realize is that after this happened, Brian cried like a little school girl - all the while I knew it would get him so much publicity. Publicity that someone who wants to be an anchor would kill for. He was embarassed, whined, and tried to disappear when the whole time he should've embraced it as a mess up and moved on - and cashed in on his ebaumsworld.com success. This kid is a complete tool and makes me very angry by acting like he loves his clip on national tv and that he didn't hate it. After fellow students repeated his famous mantra in one of my tcom classes over and over, one student yelled at them telling them it was so horrible what happened. Well I think he got great publicity and he should stop being a big baby.

response to last comment...... (Below threshold)

response to last comment....

wow -- a lot of sexism there

what a shame

Wow - I didn't think there ... (Below threshold)
P-Town Princess:

Wow - I didn't think there was. It makes no difference if he is a male or female. Maybe you and Brian should get together and have a TV show about complete morons - starring yourselves.

In response to the hostile ... (Below threshold)

In response to the hostile princess.: What makes Brian Collins someone people are interested in is the exact thing you lack. He doesn't think he knows everything. He has humility and sincerity. He responded genuinely to a situation that was upsetting, and didn't think how he could profit from it. Had he responded as you would have, like a pompous jerk, no one would have wanted to see him on Letterman. Seems to me like someone is jealous.

does anyone know how I can ... (Below threshold)

does anyone know how I can get ahold of Brian?






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