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Natalee Holloway Suspect: "Something bad has happened"

Joran Andreas Petrus Van Der Sloot, Satish Kalpoe, and Deepak Kalpoe in an undated photo from AMDaily

It looks like there's a break in the case of the missing teen in Aruba.

ORANJESTAD, Aruba (MSNBC/AP) - Police investigating the disappearance of an Alabama teenager in Aruba said late Friday that one of three young men in custody has admitted "something bad happened" to her during her island visit.

Deputy Police Commissioner Gerold Dompig told The Associated Press that the man was leading police late Friday to the scene. He refused to identify which young man had made the statement.

Natalee Holloway, 18, disappeared May 30 while on a five-day trip to the Caribbean island with 124 classmates and seven chaperones celebrating their graduation from Mountain Brook High School, near Birmingham. Police found her U.S. passport and packed bags in her hotel room.

Local reports indicate that the Dutch suspect, Joran Andreas Petrus Van Der Sloot, is student at Aruba International School. Van Der Sloot's father is a prominent official in the Aruba justice system. Reports indicate that Van Der Sloot may have been romantically involved with the Holloway the night she disappeared. The Surinamese brothers in custody, 18 year-old Satish Kalpoe and 22 year-old Deepak Kalpoe, are sons of a local Aruban business man.

Update: Almost 24 hours later nothing is any clearer. AP is reporting that confessions are being denied. Scared Monkeys and Riehl World View are providing several updates a day.

Comments (39)

Please, Kevin. If she wasn'... (Below threshold)

Please, Kevin. If she wasn't a kinda-pretty blonde in "darkie" territory, this doesn't hit the radar. I mean, how many other US citizens went missing in the US that same night?

Don't be getting all Drudge about her. From the limited stuff that has spilled forth, she walked into something dumb wearing a half bag of drunk.

I mean, this story screams ... (Below threshold)

I mean, this story screams of "LOCK YOUR DAUGHTERS UP!"

I agree. She sure was blond... (Below threshold)

I agree. She sure was blond. If she wasn't rich and blond we wouldn't be hearing about this all week.

I agree with you guys. In ... (Below threshold)

I agree with you guys. In fact, I think it should be taken it a step further and instead of prosecuting these guys, they should be given a medal. Because she was rich and blonde.

Hmmm.It has less t... (Below threshold)


It has less to do with rich or blonde and more to do with attractive. Television is a visual medium. And, as past experience shows, attractive victims brings in ratings.

It is said that we have to ... (Below threshold)
Laura DeVries:

It is said that we have to say "Rich and Blonde", she is a human for crying out loud. Have we all forgot what that is. It is sad that society even has to label people in crisis for stereo types. She is more than likely dead, but she is a blonde, rich corpse. How sad. I have to say rich, poor, fat, ugly, I am sorry for her loss. I don't care if she was drunk noone has the right to hurt anyone else.

I think national news is mo... (Below threshold)

I think national news is more into the attractiveness thing. In Chicago, we have everybody on TV (their pictures, anyway) and believe me, some of them are NOT attractive, poor things. In the last year I remember several black children, 2 through 18 years. We also had both a north side and south side serial rapist (at the same time, lucky us) each one targeting local populations so some victims were black and the others were white, and I saw no difference at all in the reporting or warnings.

"Something bad happened"... (Below threshold)

"Something bad happened" ... is that Papiamento for "I murdered the American bitch because she wouldn't go down on me?

Personally, I believe that THE ELITE MEDIA (... aka MSM to some) has completed a circle jerque on this "event" and caused a cluster f*ck to be performed upon the family (extended or otherwise) of Ms. Holloway.

Shame on 'em!

I hope the Blame Game doesn't run this "mini-series" through the rest of Summer and replace the Jackson saga with dedicated graphic and theme song!

Give the Holloway's their peace!

(Who the HELL am I talkin' to?) ;)


I have to agree with most o... (Below threshold)

I have to agree with most of you folks. It's a sick, sad commentary on American society that our attention can be held by so easily by the disappearance of a pretty young girl. Let's face it: Even though no one says it outright, people are interested by virtue of the titillating possibility that sex is somehow involved.

JohnnyLightwave: I can't decide whether you're serious, or that was some pathetic attempt at sarcasm. You're either a morally retarded jackass, or just terribly unfunny.

Excuse me, but WTF are 124 ... (Below threshold)

Excuse me, but WTF are 124 18-year-olds doing in Aruba with only seven chaperones to "celebrate" their graduation? Do the math. Were these honor students who worked so hard during the year that they were rewarded with the exotic travel? Or is this another case of "we gotta one-up what last year's seniors did?" When I graduated high school, I was lucky to have traveled out of state a few times, and that was with my parents. Oops, showing my age, I guess.

What about the chaperones..... (Below threshold)

What about the chaperones...does anyone wonder where they were while these children were out gambling and getting drunk?

There were no so-called "ch... (Below threshold)

There were no so-called "chaperones" on this Aruba trip. I'm sure Natalee offered a pledge "to behave" to her parents (just as any normal teenager would do). She figured everything would be fine, as she was going with school pals and they'd be hanging together. It's terrifying to think what her last moments of life could have been like. We must remember, though, no matter what she did it wasn't illegal; this horrific murder is and the perpetrators, no matter who they are and how important their parents are, should be brought to justice accordingly.

i'm ashamed to be associate... (Below threshold)

i'm ashamed to be associated as a human with the people who first commented on this post. sure, she was rich, attractive, and a blonde. does that give anyone the right to kill her? of course not. yes, she made a stupid, stupid mistake that cost a her her life. but look at it this way. that life she lost? it was full of promise. i am also an 18 year old female, and natalee and i would be attending the same college this fall had she not been murdered. she had a full ride scholarship to be a medical student-what a promising future. maybe we wouldve had classes together, maybe we wouldve been in the same residence hall...who knows now? she was at such a crucial point in her life. i know for a fact, since i am going through it right now, that it is such an exciting time to be alive.

but of course, all of that doesnt matter since she was rich, attractive, and blonde, right?

Who sends their teen daught... (Below threshold)

Who sends their teen daughter to another country with 124 other students and only 7 adults??? It just screams lack of concern!

God rest your soul, Natalee... (Below threshold)

God rest your soul, Natalee. Sorry it had to be you, girl.

Thank you for the link, Kev... (Below threshold)

Thank you for the link, Kevin. I appreciate it.

Regardless of the media att... (Below threshold)

Regardless of the media attention this case is receving, I feel that society should be sensitive to what her family and friends are going through. I hope that this story will me an eye-opener for all teenagers and parents around the world.

I believe it is a common te... (Below threshold)

I believe it is a common teaanage melodrama where they involved youths panic and do the stupid thing. I live on aruba and heard, it might just be hearsay, that on teh trip there was heavy drinking, literally for 3 days on a row and that there was some ure of extacy involved. In any case. if that si so, she might've gotten some sort of health effect from this combination and the guys with her panicked and did what they could, not to rush her to the hospital, but to cover up her death. Perhaps she wasnt even dead.. they just thought so and tried to cover it up..A common teenage horror movie.. come to think about it.. very tragic indeed...

Are those guys sponsored by... (Below threshold)

Are those guys sponsored by Nike?

Quote:"Something bad happen... (Below threshold)

Quote:"Something bad happened" ... is that Papiamento for "I murdered the American bitch because she wouldn't go down on me?

I think this is totally misguided. that statement could mean many things. She was drinking fro days on end, popping extacy.. something bad could have been a drug alcohol related thing. Plus if so, why the hell has the body NOt been found. She's not dead.. so why assume that she is? Let the authorities do their job and at the end of the day let detectives unravel the truth. Hope you can all see the sense in that.

My God......surrounded by i... (Below threshold)

My God......surrounded by idiots. Some of you should just, ....try not to speak! Perhaps you'll be OK. Probably not.

Sorry......bad day!!!... (Below threshold)

Sorry......bad day!!!

This is some crazy shit. Bu... (Below threshold)

This is some crazy shit. But she is stupid for going with those guys, i mean she was obviously looking or some cock. These guys look like geeks, wanna be players. Please who wears Nike t-shirts to a bar to pick up girls. And that big goofy white boy looks like a fat zach morris from saved by the bell. Some people are just gullible and yes, shit happens

She's not very attractive a... (Below threshold)

She's not very attractive at all. Her eyes don't smile with the rest of her face. The Dutch guy is much cuter than she is.

She's not very attractive a... (Below threshold)

She's not very attractive at all. Her eyes don't smile with the rest of her face. The Dutch guy is much cuter than she is. She is definitely wealthy, but there's something off about her. Where were her girlfriends? I get the feeling that she alienated people w/her straight A stuff. One person in her hometown left a message on a banner dedicated to her "I wish I could take all the energy I spent being jealous of you and use it to bring you home." So, maybe she was a little bitch. I hope nothing happened to her, but she's no sweet little Laci Peterson with a big, sweet smile and pretty face.

We need more frank discussi... (Below threshold)

We need more frank discussion with our kids about safety. Where are the discussions about the risk of having their drinks spiked with a date rape drug?

(Although prefaced by the politically correct proviso that we don't condone underage drinking, or drinking to excess,) we need to stop deluding ourselves about teenage behavior, and accept the fact that they will experiment with risks, and that they generally feel 'invincible'. We need to intrduce, and establish some basic principles of 'safe drinking', with as much frankness as we do about safe sex, and personal safety.

There was an interview transcript on the MSNBC website, about tips for female travelers, with useful information of the common sense variety, but nowhere - absolutely nowhere, have I found anyone address the issue of guarding the contents of your beer or cocktail. Some may say this is paranoia, but we just can't dismiss the possibility because date rape drug usage seems to be on the rise. It's just one more piece of the arsenal we need to impart to our daughters when they begin to venture out as young women.

And here's one more tidbit of common sense wisdom, from personal experience, that no one ever mentions. A woman should always carry emergency cab fare stashed somewhere, where she is not likely to find it and spend it frivolously. You never know when you might want to walk out on a date.

I agree with some people he... (Below threshold)

I agree with some people here. Why broadcast this nationally when there are thousands of children that are kidnapped and killed every year? Perhaps because it happened to an American citizen out of the states. I don't really know. But I do now, that there are some people on here who need to grow up! Especially the ones who ran their mouths at the top of page. This is a human being with feelings like any other human being with parents as well. On a final note, would you feel the same way if it was YOUR CHILD?

Well you had to figure this... (Below threshold)

Well you had to figure this was going to drag out when Geraldo got involved . It sad that they are draging this thing out. I hope the Aurban government dosen't blow this because they don't know what their doing .It's evident that wealth is at work here. The fact that they haven't found ANYTHING let you know somthing is up. EVERYBODY leaves some clues the guys are kids this should have been over

Natalee Holloway is a victi... (Below threshold)
Ed Hixon:

Natalee Holloway is a victim of illegal drugs. Remember Amy Bradley is also missing. It is all tied to drugs. Aruba is an awful place...the following was taken off the STATE DEPARTMENT's web page....this is only part, it is too large to put it all.

Aruba. Aruba is a transshipment point for increasing quantities of heroin, and to a lesser extent cocaine, moving north, mainly from Colombia, to the U.S. and secondarily to Europe. Drugs move north via cruise ships and the multiple daily flights to the U.S. and Europe. While the transshipment of heroin is of growing concern, evidence in 2004 did not support a finding that drugs entering the U.S. from Aruba were in an amount sufficient to have a significant effect on the U.S., but the eastern and southern Caribbean is an area of concern to the U.S. The island attracts drug traffickers with its good infrastructure, excellent flight connections, and relatively light sentences for drug-related crimes served in prisons with relatively good living conditions. This problem is further promulgated by the Netherlands Antilles’ law enforcement successes in Curacao during 2004, which necessitated a change in route on the part of the traffickers in the region.

While Aruba enjoys a low crime rate, reporting during 2004 indicates that prominent drug traffickers are establishing themselves sporadically on the island. Additionally, Arubans worry about the easy availability of inexpensive drugs. The most visible evidence of a drug abuse problem may be the homeless addicts, called "chollars" who number about 300 and whose photographs routinely appear in publications to increase public awareness to drug abuse and to stem an increase in crime.

are you kidding me... you i... (Below threshold)

are you kidding me... you idiots are bagging on this girl because she was an "A" student and she is not attractive... I would love to see some of your goofy ass photos. quit being a fucking dipshit and being disrespectful. this chick is most likely dead and no matter what she did that night she didnt deserve to end up that way... especially at the hands of those three deutsch bags. do not think ANY of us are immune from this type of thing happening to you. you could be drinking a coke or a beer perhaps and have someone throw a mickey or some ghb in your drink and before you know if you are leaving with someone you dont know and the next think you know you are in serious trouble. think before you speak.. this is someones daughter, grand-daughter, best friend, she was the bright spot in someones life.

What happened that night. T... (Below threshold)
what happened:

What happened that night. These three friends mixed the date rape drug in the girls drink. They had previously raped several girls. This one after drinked over dosed and suffered cardiac arrest.
They dumped her in the sea.

They are murderes and rapeist.

You Fucking idiots at the t... (Below threshold)

You Fucking idiots at the top of this page!!
This case has cover-up written all over it. The Aruban Gov't doesn't give two shits about this girl, all they care about is the US tourism $!!!

These guys had tolf friends... (Below threshold)
A girl who knows:

These guys had tolf friends how the get the tourist American girls laid.
They had a cocktail of a special rape drug.

i think all of this that sh... (Below threshold)

i think all of this that she is rich and blonde dont really matter but the police has to find every clue they can to solve this problem because you dont know what happen to her right now she can be any where.

Some of the comments here h... (Below threshold)

Some of the comments here have been beyond ridiculous. From stating *theories* as if they were *absolute fact,* ('she did a stupid, stupid thing')?? to saying childish, catty things like 'she was probably a bitch... and she's not very attractive at all'---I'm simply amazed by what's being said. This is a human being who was beloved by many people and her disappearance is beyond heartbreaking for them.

At the same time, the thousands of nonwhite and poor individuals who go missing in our society every year are ALSO beloved and profoundly missed by their own. Of course, it's pretty clear that if you fit into those categories, Americans have little to only a passing amount of sympathy for them.....

Okay, first of all, for tho... (Below threshold)
Raechel Kitchens:

Okay, first of all, for those of you who are repeatedly mentioning that what she did was "absolutely stupid"-reality check-she was 18-just had graduated with great grades-and as any other teen without the mind of an 80 year old would have done-she went and partied which is associating with drinking and things of such. For you all to imply that she pretty much should have expected it is very cruel and hypocritical. None of you are perfect-yall all have screwed up-but as someone stated earlier-no consequence should be potential death. And as for you females preaching about her physical beauty being the reason for such publicity-stop being jealous. The girl is obviously going through something traumatic. Grow up, and have some morals.

The people posting on date-... (Below threshold)

The people posting on date-rape drugs are correct. Local men do prey on tourist girls, especially the more well-off local men. Arubans are mad about the press coverage because it threatens their economy; US tourism is the mainstay of the legal Aruban economy. And by the way the drug trade is the mainstay of the illegal Aruban economy. Does that sound like a recipe for justice in this affair?
The reason the media is paying a lot of attention to this is because Natalee's family has the financial resources to stay in Aruba and keep the media focused on helping them find their child. We should all thank them, because they're giving all families a chance to educate their daughters that everywhere in the world--even on seemingly friendly and safe islands--there are people who view girls not as human beings but as prey.

As a non american I can not... (Below threshold)

As a non american I can not understand the media coverage this poor girl is getting over the arround 2000 fallen soldiers who are fighting for the US sense of security with the project in Iraq. The US media is clearly focussed on their "numbers". How sad that all the other stories out there do not make it to the screen for their in-ability for produging the numbers. How sad that we tolorate being kept ignorant, and not even noticing it. My thoughts go out to all the homeless in the wolrd, to all the addicts were not able to deal with their problems, to all the minors dying due to mall nutrition, to all the soldiers fighting someones ego war, to all those kidnapped, those raped, My thought go out to all those who were put to death while being innocent, just for creating a fake sense of security and shutting down a story that was creating too much pressure.

Jesus please forgive ME for what we have become!

Blond, Rich, Poor, Bitch, S... (Below threshold)

Blond, Rich, Poor, Bitch, Slut... are all adjectives for a girl who should not have been killed. This is murder and our emotional scuffle here does not change it. The criminal should be brought to justice and the publicly-funded resources alocated to that process should not be extraordinary. Any effort or money spent privately is to the discretion and benefit of the family and not any of your business!!

Also...Jerrel..asking Jesus for forgiveness is a waste of time...improvise, adapt and overcome!






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