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Quote Of The Day - Please Excuse My Governor Edition

"That's why America hates Democrats"
Gov. Mark Warner (D-Va), noting from first-hand experience that the elitist liberalism prominent in Democrats on both coasts doesn't sell well anywhere else. Democrats ignore moderate southern governors at their own peril, as the last two Democratic presidents met both of those criteria.


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Live in Virginia. Warner i... (Below threshold)

Live in Virginia. Warner isn't as beloved as he thinks and it's not because his a Dem. He needs to learn Virginia isn't made up entirely of the northern "just outside of DC" crowd and Richmond. As condescending as left coasties can be (and it doesn't just extend in politics. I get the same attitude from co-workers in our Cali office) he is just as condescending to the rest of Virginia.

And let's not even start on... (Below threshold)

And let's not even start on his tax increases after promising no increases. What a tool!






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