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Identity crisis

Lately, I've been questioning some fundamental things, both about myself and my car.

I've always been comfortable with my ethnic background -- I'm primarily of Scandanavian and English descent, with a smattering of (ugh) French. (Closed circuit to a certain now-banned idiot: yes, I was born in Lebanon. That's Lebanon, New Hampshire -- a small city on the Vermont border, just south of Hanover, home of the famous Dartmouth College.)It frankly means very little to me, but there it is.

Likewise, my car. It's a Chevrolet. Most likely made in the USA, with a slight chance of Canadian or Mexican origin, but again I don't really care.

But today I came across some telling evidence that both of us just might be Pollenesian...

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ROFLMe too! Only ... (Below threshold)


Me too! Only more so. Your car has a piddly layer compared to mine.

Jay, I was kinda hoping you... (Below threshold)
Jay Tea:

Jay, I was kinda hoping you or some other New England bloggers would comment on the pollen problem.

But here's the real kicker: I just washed my car this weekend. That's two days' worth of accumulation.


Just looking at that pictur... (Below threshold)

Just looking at that picture made me sneeze so hard that I blew my brains out.

An absolute killer year....... (Below threshold)

An absolute killer year....must be due to global warming!

I've got the same down here... (Below threshold)

I've got the same down here in NJ.
My dark blue pickemup takes on a decidedly sickly green cast at times like this. That, and the air filter in my bedroom needs cleaning a couple of times a week, rather than monthly like in winter.

We have the same problem he... (Below threshold)
bob wiz:

We have the same problem here in Arizona. The pollen covers the ground around many of our shrubs and trees. I may be pollenesian also

Pollenesia extends into wha... (Below threshold)

Pollenesia extends into what some of the Easterners around here call The South, but our season seems to be about over until next spring.

Glad to see I'm not the onl... (Below threshold)

Glad to see I'm not the only one annoyed at the pollen situation here in NH. My car has been constantly covered in the stuff for the past few weeks, if not longer. It's gotten to the point where I'm no longer surprised by it. Instead, I just run the front wipers a few times to clear the windshield and make a mental note to get a car wash one of these days (when I can afford it).

Hopefully, the downpour we had early this evening will allow me to postpone that wash for a few more weeks.

Pollen is the trees' versio... (Below threshold)
Huda Thunkit:

Pollen is the trees' version of ...uhhh, seminal fluid; sprayed joyfully and indiscriminately all over the place and especially all over Jay Tea's hand.

Sneezing is our noses' way of vomiting noxious or disgusting material that gets lodged there due to promiscuous inhalation of any air available.

Here endeth today's Pollenesian biology lesson.

I solved that problem by bu... (Below threshold)

I solved that problem by buying a "Light Cypress Green" minivan a few years back - I also plan outdoor activities up here in Maine enough that they get rained out regularly, so no need to run through the carwash.

It seems to be a banner yea... (Below threshold)

It seems to be a banner year for pollen in central New York as well. Every time I look at out car my nose twitches in smypathy for those who have allergies.

It always makes me chuckle,... (Below threshold)

It always makes me chuckle, though, when I see people blaming their allergies on pine pollen.

If it's big enough to see, it's too big to trigger allergic reactions. If you get allergic at the same time there's a lot of pine pollen, it's because something else is releasing the too-tiny-to-see variety of pollen under the same conditions.

Probably grasses.

I'm in Vermont and am havin... (Below threshold)
Captain Ned:

I'm in Vermont and am having the same issues. My contact lenses and I are barely on speaking terms these days.






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