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Rape And Lesbian Allegation In Forthcoming Hillary Clinton Book

Sunday The Drudge Report showcased one of the explosive claims in Edward Klein's new book, The Truth About Hillary: What She Knew, When She Knew It, and How Far She'll Go to Become President, that Bill Clinton raped her - resulting the conception of daughter Chelsea. This follows last weeks gossip report that said Hillary embraced the "culture of lesbianism" while at Wellesley College.

Klein is best known as an editor at Newsweek and The New York Times Magazine, as well as a best-selling Kennedy biographer. The book supposedly draws on on rare access to inside sources to reveal what Hillary knew and when she knew it during her years as first lady, especially during her husband's impeachment. Klein's publisher alleges that the book will be a newsworthy event, and prove she lied in her bestselling autobiography.

Conservative bloggers, as well as liberal bloggers, have roundly rejected Klein's work based on the Drudge story. Read Ed Morrisey's criticism of Klein, then Ankle Bitting Pundit's, Betsy Newmark, etc.

From the scurrilous nature of the two pieces of gossip known about Klein's embargoed book, it appears headed to the tabloid aisle to be featured prominently next to the Weekly World News. Given the way Media Matters is spinning the as yet unseen book, it does cause one to wonder whether the two leaks might be a case of Hillary supporters attempting to preemptively discrediting the book. While that may not in fact actually be the case, the two known pieces of the book do a pretty effective job of casting the whole work as a rehash of Hillary gossip stories through the years.

The Drudge Report story is of marital rape is so bizarre when seen on it's own it makes one wonder whether, in its full context, the term might have been used jokingly by Bill Clinton. Short of that explanation it's almost imperceivable how such unsubstantiated detail would be included in what is purported to be a thoroughly researched book. Embracing the "culture of lesbianism" sounds like a not very clever way to imply guilt by association. Take together those two pieces of Klein's story don't give the impression that a substantive study of Hillary is forthcoming.

Leaving aside the "Hillary is furious" portion of the Drudge story, consider what you would do if your job was to minimize the fallout from the book for Hillary Clinton. Wouldn't you attempt to preemptively discredit the book, the author, the publisher, or anyone associated with it? Of course you would. If that was the case, pushing out two easily rebutted bombshells from the book could engender well deserved sympathy for your client, and paint the author as a hack before his whole work and been seen by anyone.

Of course that's just a theory, the author may not need any assistance in proving the sliminess of his work. We'll see about that next week.

Note: Prior to publishing this I noticed that Klein's book is advertised on this site, as it is on many other blogs. The ad started running long before anyone had any inkling or the content of the book. Other than for sexually explicit content, we do not screen the products and services that are advertised at Wizbang, nor is our endorsement implied.


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Comments (16)

I see what Clinton says as ... (Below threshold)

I see what Clinton says as a crude joke. Everything presented on Drudge in context, it seems like Clinton was joking around about actually "raping" her, and was implying that him and Hillary were going to... get... down... with their bad selves...

In other words, Clinton told his buddy he was going to "rape" her, and they had themselves a jolly good sexual time together...

That's how I see it, anyways.

Frankly, I don't want to se... (Below threshold)

Frankly, I don't want to see it. And anybody want to start a pool on how long it takes to blame this on the VRWC?

I'm disgusted by this crap,... (Below threshold)

I'm disgusted by this crap, and I despise the Clintons.

well now that you *do* know... (Below threshold)

well now that you *do* know what is contained in the book, why not pull the ad? ive got Blog Ads and all it takes is one click.

Klein does have some creden... (Below threshold)

Klein does have some credentials... he's not just Kitty Kelly with a 5 o'clock shadow. It should be interesting to see if Hillary chooses to use the 'Kerry-Defence'. If these 'character' allegations are not seriously addressed by 'The-Greatest-Woman-in-the-World... can you say lawsuit?... they will hang like a bad fart till 2008.

Kerry, IMHO, failed to address the Swift Boat vets because in releasing ALL of his records, he would have ended his political career. Hillary, on the other hand, can squash this right now with legal action... if she's as smart as the MSM says.

Disgusting filthy content. ... (Below threshold)

Disgusting filthy content. Count me out, I'm not buying it.

Wouldn't you attempt to ... (Below threshold)

Wouldn't you attempt to preemptively discredit the book, the author, the publisher, or anyone associated with it? Of course you would.

Leaving aside the context of this particular book, the fact is this was a default tactic for the Clintons throughout their first (and, God willing, only) presidency.

Another tactic was to preemptively leak damaging information on their own schedule to minimize its news impact.

I haven't read this book and probably won't -- but the truth is, anything that casts the Clintons in a bad light tends to get this treatment from them regardless of its truth or falsity so whether this is a Clinton response isn't necessarily an indicator in that regard.

In a way, that is a very clever strategy on their part.

Is there any evidence for e... (Below threshold)

Is there any evidence for either of those allegations? Any at all?

I sense a creeping sympathy... (Below threshold)

I sense a creeping sympathy movement for Hillary here and elsewhere and perhaps that's the ruse that the book is supposed to engender: increased sympathy for the Clintons, given that Bill's character is noticably shabby to everyone except the gullible and blind.

Even Clinton acknowledges his awful past, lest anyone blame me for just writing about the obvious here.

As to Hillary...what Klein writes is probably closer to the truth than people would like to admit, given that most people recoil (as here, this thread) about "vile" information. Unfortunately, a lot of the "vile" information is real about real people being who they really were, perhaps still are.

I have no idea. But I probably will buy and read Klein's book, just as I read through Brodderick's story, as awful the truth as it was and is.

I'm just saying, what motive could Klein possibly have here? And when, as someone suggested, a lawsuit could appear to stop the Klein book, it'd be foolish to assume that Klein and publisher haven't already anticipated and planned for that. Meaning, they'd never have published if they couldn't substantiate what they've put into print.

Klein is hardly a conservative source, by the way. It just might be a springboard for the Hillary struggles of character and presence, given that the outburst appears to be one toward increased sympathy for Hillary rather than criticism, and that's only going to help soften the Hillary butchy image, as real and awful as it already is. She needs softening for to move ahead at this point -- of the image kind, I mean.

Me, I'm just turned off entirely by her presence and tone and found her likable and sympatico when she was the silent wife. Now that she's started speaking, I don't care for her the person. The Klein book isn't going to harm that opinion, nor help it.

I was reading a story just ... (Below threshold)

I was reading a story just yesterday about Hillary's Wellesly roommate...how an infamous photo appeared in their yearbook of the roommate and other pals standing atop a campus building with bared-behinds, surveying the entire campus...the lady is a career lesbian, an attorney who has devoted her life to lesbain/gay issues and still is.

I'm just saying, that's the reality of Hillary Clinton and her closest friends, since that roommate remains (as per what I've read) her closest friends to present. And I'm also just saying that the reality of people sometimes challenges the public personna and vice versa. If Hillary wants to be publicly accepted, she's got to become more comfortable with public exposure of her actual life and times and relationships. Because, these aren't things that are easily held in contradictions for long when you're seeking as high a profile as Hillary seems to want.

Just look at what Arnold Schwarzenegger has gone through and answered to and still is. Hillary being so upset about Klein's book only makes her appear far less capable, by comparison, only encourages her as the image of "cookie baking female" (perhaps a hysterical cookie baker) that she seems to deride quite so.

I'll read Klein's book just to know what he has written. But I hardly think it's worth fainting over or about.

"I was reading a story just... (Below threshold)

"I was reading a story just yesterday about Hillary's Wellesly roommate...how an infamous photo appeared in their yearbook of the roommate and other pals standing atop a campus building with bared-behinds, surveying the entire campus...the lady is a career lesbian, an attorney who has devoted her life to lesbain/gay issues and still is."

Since when does being partially nude atop a building constitute proof that one is not hetersexual. This "proof" would really be news to the Fraternity boys at my alma mater. They would get completely butt naked, go to the roof of their Fraternity house and urinate into the lawn below. I've also, in my younger days, participated in public nudity with other females (I was, unlike the Fraternity boys, sober). I am not now, nor was I then, a lesbian. What kind of proof is nudity or nudity in front of other nude people of the same gender? How does that proove lesbianism?

it's quite difficult to bel... (Below threshold)

it's quite difficult to believe all these "accusations." but knowing Edward Klein must have been a credible, reliable writer, it made it more complicated to distinguish facts from rumors. the things he said about Hillary were ridiculous, unbelievable but could have been the truth. if they were true...well and good but it sucks!

There is a republican consp... (Below threshold)

There is a republican conspiracy going on in this country and it looks like they've turned into a bunch of monsters.

I want to remind everyone about the absurdity of this nation: Clinton gets impeached for a blowjob and Donald Rumsfeld is still the secretary of defense after the prison abuse scandals at Abu Ghraib.

hILLARY IS JUST ANOTHER DIV... (Below threshold)


Thank God that someone has ... (Below threshold)

Thank God that someone has finally exposed Hillary for who she really is, I can't wait to read the entire book.

Thank you Ed Klein for writ... (Below threshold)
H.L. Anixter:

Thank you Ed Klein for writing this book exposing Hillary Clinton for what she is. I hope it deters enough people from voting for her. Also I know you are not coming from the far right.

H.L. Anixter
San Francisco






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