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Selective Memory

Lefty blogger Oliver Willis (whose domain is temporarily unavailable) can't hide his contempt over the forthcoming Edward Klein book, The Truth About Hillary:

Sick effing bastards.

What is wrong with these people? What causes them to print and promote this sort of vile, hateful, made-up bullsh*t? What psychosis is it that drives them to promote it and yell this slime from the highest mountains.

They have no shame. They have no decency.

Funny, the same thing could be said about Oliver's fawning over (and selling via Amazon) Kitty Kelley's equally ville pre-election Bush hatchet-job, The Family. Willis conveniently forgets (or ignores) his decidedly more open-minded coverage of that book, of which he said:
Who knows if the books allegations are true? Some people say they are. We report, you decide.

ALSO: Write to local media and get them to cover this story.

Has he no shame. Has he no consistency.

Note: Klein's book is advertised on this site, as it is on many other blogs. The ad started running long before anyone had any inkling or the content of the book. Other than for sexually explicit content, we do not screen the products and services that are advertised at Wizbang, nor is our endorsement implied.


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Comments (25)

As a show of fairness and b... (Below threshold)

As a show of fairness and bipartisanship I will buy as many copies of the Klein book as I did the Kelly book.

Far be it from me to critic... (Below threshold)

Far be it from me to criticize, Kevin, but why is this news? I mean, didn’t we all decide last year that Oliver was kind of an idiot and not worth paying attention to? Seriously, I’d completely forgotten who he was until I saw this post.

You're right, of course, bu... (Below threshold)

You're right, of course, but...

It should still be made clear than acting like Willis is not acceptable just because he did it first. Likewise, Klien should be lambasted as Kelly was by those who lambasted her.

The whole frigging pile of them can fall off the earth for all I care. Disgusting and poor excuses for human beings.

I havent read either book, ... (Below threshold)

I havent read either book, but Kelly's dirtiest bit, I recall, was alleging that Our First Lady sold marijuana while in college, which lots of college kids did and do.

Meanwhile the Hillary book alleges that Bill raped her and that incident produced Chelsea, which is not only far-fetched to say the least, but... well how would you prove any of it? Unless that was the only intercourse that they had that month (which would be quite a challenge for any sexual partner of our former President), how would anyone be able to prove that it was the action that conceived their child?

Either way, the fact that you are running an ad to promote such obvious fiction, and therefore making money from it... well, it sorta sullies your name. Which is sad.

Unless of course you think that Bill really did rape Hil and nine months later their daughter was born. In which case you should say why you believe it.

Or pull the ad.

Or admit that you dont care at all who gives you money. Which would make you...

Far be it from me to critic... (Below threshold)
Eneils Bailey:

Far be it from me to criticize or endorse a book that I have not read. But, I find it hard to believe a Clinton supporter who accuses someone else of having no shame and decency.

Tony's right, dude. You sho... (Below threshold)

Tony's right, dude. You should drop that add. If it's wrong for Oliver to pimp Kitty Kelly's book, it's wrong for you to pimp -- even via ad -- Klein's book. It's reprehensible. Besides, we really don't want to give smear artists like Oliver an excuse to pretend our side stood behind nonsense like this.

Well said Kevin.<b... (Below threshold)

Well said Kevin.


I'm too tired to type RACIS... (Below threshold)

I'm too tired to type RACIST! this morning.

Is anyone else sick of this... (Below threshold)

Is anyone else sick of this crap, or is it just me? Politics is fun and all, but come on!

Keep the add!!!!!!!!!... (Below threshold)

Keep the add!!!!!!!!!

Oliver and the rest of the hypcrytical Left need to eat their words!

Kitty Kelly is an artist but Ed Klien is evil?

Common! They started this trash and we should not back down to show that "we are above this."

That is how terrorists like Al-Quida, Saddam Hussien and Democrats win; it is because they hold something over us that they think we are scared of. If Kitty Kelly and Liberals think smearing is fun, let's see how they wear it.

That is how terrorists l... (Below threshold)

That is how terrorists like Al-Quida, Saddam Hussien and Democrats win

Wow, you're just begging to be taken seriously, huh?

I think you should have gone for four and thrown in Hitler too.

Why not Genghis Khan too?</... (Below threshold)

Why not Genghis Khan too?

It's far more believable to... (Below threshold)

It's far more believable to me that Clinton forced sex on Hillary than it is that our first lady sold pot. Ever hear of Juanita Broaddrick?

Don't forget Attila the Hun... (Below threshold)

Don't forget Attila the Hun.

I can't reach his site eith... (Below threshold)

I can't reach his site either (boo hoo), and I have taken Bill Ardolino's pledge to ignore Willis, but . . . well, in this post from last fall I quoted a comment Oliver had made in a thread on his blog, on the topic of the Bush National Guard story, that pretty well summarizes his attitude:

Frankly, my major beef with Bush is the dead soldiers in Iraq and the economic stupidity at home. All this other stuff is icing on the cake, if it sticks good, if not oh well. As long as its mud.

<a href="http://64.233.167.... (Below threshold)
I thought the 'smart' candi... (Below threshold)
Les Nessman:

I thought the 'smart' candidate said it was Jenghis Khan?

I can't accept any ideas th... (Below threshold)

I can't accept any ideas that Kitty Kelly's on par or aligned (or comparable to/with) works by Klein...if but for the mere fact that Kelly's a known and highly identified (and identifiable) purveyor of gossip and unfounded gossip. It's her stuff of fame, her "art" and format, what she does and what she's even self promoted as being: colloquial innuendo as first person experience.

Klein, on the other hand, is regarded as a biographer and columnist. And, some of what he's written in the Hillary book is first-person observation, from what I understand (although I find it objectionable that he also relies upon the "unnamed source" here and there, particularly as to the state of the Clinton bungalow on "the morning after").

Despite that, even Clinton himself is said to declare that he acknowledged Klein was present or something close to that, at one of the most contentious items Klein writes about.

Just saying, Kelly and Klein are very different sources. As is what they both write.

The objections to either/or seem entirely partisan, on the other hand. I know I originally fell for Clinton's victimization routine until I heard and read more from Broderick and even The Starr Report. And, the more I read about Hillary, as with the speeches she's been giving lately, the more I tend to believe that Klein's book is largely accurate history.

Kelly, on the other hand, seems to have gone insane and THEN started turning various coffee talks on napkins into "books."

Oliver can wax off all he wants to but he's someone who has taken great advantage of the Kelly method.

Klein is hardly a "conservative" source, also.

As Hillary herself said the... (Below threshold)

As Hillary herself said the other day, ""It's very hard to stop people who have no shame about what they're doing. It is very hard to stop people who have never been acquainted with the truth."

Please, Kevin, no more nods... (Below threshold)

Please, Kevin, no more nods to Ollie.

He has dropped out of the Ecosystem Top 100 in both traffic and links. Let's not give him an uptick in traffic.

Form Playful Primate to Large Mammal, and dropping.

Uh...heh...Large Mammal...

must...resist...snarky...bon mot...


He's baaaaaaaacccccccccccck... (Below threshold)

He's baaaaaaaacccccccccccckkkkkkkkkkk!

Hey facists, I pray we are ... (Below threshold)

Hey facists, I pray we are all alive 25 years from now and you can see what your slovenly slobbering did to a once great nation.

We learned it by watching y... (Below threshold)
Defense Guy:

We learned it by watching you jerry.

"slovenly slobbering"? D00... (Below threshold)

"slovenly slobbering"? D00d, that's not even fucking coherent. Can't you at least make up good insults?

Good Lord, I never thought I'd miss that little Jadegold twerp.

Oliver Willis: the Jayson B... (Below threshold)

Oliver Willis: the Jayson Blair of blogging.






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