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Site Hiccups

Sorry for the temporary site issues this afternoon. Old log files had filled all our available disk space causing intermittent errors. The logs have been purged and things are back to normal.

Comments (3)

Some posts still won't load... (Below threshold)

Some posts still won't load if I click the link to the individual entry page. I prefer to navigate that way because new comments sometimes come in after I arrive at the main page.

If the extension on these individual entry pages were .html instead of .php, I'd suggest rebuilding the site -- but what do you do when the content is all dynamic and only certain posts don't load?

I dunno if you did somethin... (Below threshold)

I dunno if you did something more or not, but all individual-entry pages are now loading just fine. Could have been one of those ISP cache thingies, even, for all I know.

I saw your comment and rebu... (Below threshold)

I saw your comment and rebuilt the individual archive pages right before I had to leave the house. No chance to respond to your comment until now.






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