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The Queen Of All Media

Happy first anniversary to the best journalist turned blogger on on the planet, Michelle Malkin. It's very gracious of her to be thanking others (including me) on the occasion of her first anniversary blogging, but I want to return the compliment.

From the beginning its been obvious that Michelle had done her homework on the blogosphere. As a blogger she hit the ground running, covering interesting topics, and spreading links around to other bloggers big and small. These days traffic from Malkin link often exceeds that of the much lusted after Instalanche.

My educated guess is that the next 12 months are going to be huge for my fellow night-owl Michelle. Books, TV, her blog empire, columns, etc., she'll be the hardest working woman is the blog business, a true queen of all media. As anyone who has met her can attest, it could happen to a nicer person.

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You do mean 'couldn't' righ... (Below threshold)

You do mean 'couldn't' right?

Here here.... (Below threshold)

Here here.

Well, Michelle had a little... (Below threshold)

Well, Michelle had a little help from her husband.






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