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Our Next Commander in Chief

Dan McLaughlin at The Baseball Crank notes that in every presidential campaign since 1988 the Vietnam-era military service of one (or more) of the candidates has been a major factor in the race. He's looking ahead to 2008 and what issues might arise in the service records of potential candidates.

Of course if we end up with a Condi/Hillary race the whole issue would be, thankfully, moot...

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Baseball Crank brings up an... (Below threshold)

Baseball Crank brings up an interesting topic.

Kerry clearly shot himself in the foot last election season by overfocusing on his service. (Note: Political leanings left, right, center, martian, whatever... if you serve a stint in the military I will always shake your hand and thank you.)

Even though the I can't forsee the day when we stop viewing political candidates through the prizm of Vietnam (it's ubiquitous at this point,) I can see an end to candidates who view themselves through that same lens. It's a simple matter of demographics.

I'll turn thirty years of age this year. Vietnam ended (physically, though not culturally) more than thirty years ago. Ergo I stand a good chance of outliving every American alive today with direct knowledge of that era.

This, to my mind, is a good thing.

If it's "Condi vs. Hillary"... (Below threshold)

If it's "Condi vs. Hillary" the Republicans will lose power forever. Condoleeza Rice is well-known to be "mildly pro-choice." The Republican Party would be thrown into turmoil as irritated pro-lifers finally left and started a "conservative party" or something to that effect. Don't think it wouldn't happen.






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