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Everybody Wang Chung Tonight

NBC's breakout Hit Me Baby One More Time tonight feature features Cameo, Howard Jones, Irene Cara, Sophie B. Hawkins, and Wang Chung.

Time to make you're pre-show predictions...

Spoilers below...

Irene Cara? WTF!!$%$% She sounded like dogshit. Did anyone else notice that she looks like a black Renee Zellweger?

I could see is any of the other 4 acts won, but Irene Cara, who couldn't hit a note to save her life? Hearing her sing was almost as bad as seeing her naked (NSFW). Gack.

Comments (14)

Word Up by a nose... (Below threshold)

Word Up by a nose

I predict that none of them... (Below threshold)

I predict that none of them will sound as good as they did 20 years ago.

But Howard Jones will probably sound the best.

As we've seen in past episo... (Below threshold)
Cousin Dave:

As we've seen in past episodes, a lot depends on how much weight they've gained in the past two decades. (Tiffany falling out of her top, anyone?) But I'm also guessing Howard Jones.

I would rather watch Stepha... (Below threshold)

I would rather watch Stephan Hawkings doing his version of 'Wang Chung.'

Why can't the 60's, 70's, 80's and 90's just go away gracefully???

Because some of us refuse t... (Below threshold)

Because some of us refuse to let go of our youth, perhaps.

I always liked Sophie, alth... (Below threshold)

I always liked Sophie, although she's a nut in real life, I think. Howard Jones was always good.

Who the heck is Cameo?

Cameo, "Word Up"... (Below threshold)

Cameo, "Word Up"

After all this time, Howard... (Below threshold)

After all this time, Howard Jones will finally find someone to blame.

But Howard Jones will pr... (Below threshold)

But Howard Jones will probably sound the best.

It can only get better.

I predict that I would rath... (Below threshold)

I predict that I would rather jam my keyboard and mouse up my arse and blog from there than watch this show.

Come on boomer babies aroun... (Below threshold)

Come on boomer babies around the world
Got a weird thing to show you so tell all the boys and girls...

Can we get Gun covering Word Up instead?

When do the Ohio Players show up?

I predict...... (Below threshold)
Steve L.:

I predict...

that I will not be watching this show tonight.

A favorite Frasier Crane qu... (Below threshold)

A favorite Frasier Crane quote:

You know, on the way over, I decided to listen to a rock station to get into the mood. And I heard a line in one of those tribal passages that I thought was the keynote for this evening. "Everybody have fun tonight. Everybody Wang Chung tonight."

Another favorite FC quote:

"I'm running with scissors!"

I ran with scissors today! ... (Below threshold)

I ran with scissors today! It felt good. Bonus points for me: I work in a lab, where its never safe to run, period.

Yay me!






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