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Manchester's bridezilla -- update

A while ago, I wrote about a woman who was concerned that her upcoming wedding might be disrupted by a legal requirement she keep at least 100 yards away from her husband-to-be after being charged with assaulting him. Well, the story has a sort-of happy ending now.

Yesterday, saying she wanted to get the matter over with, she pleaded no contest to the charge. The court gave her a $1,000 fine, a 30-day jail sentence, then suspended both and sent her on her way.

The wedding is back on, but now she has a criminal record and has to undergo domestic violence counseling. Her fiance' says she would have gone to trial if it weren't for the scheduled wedding, and he's convinced she would have been acquitted. He said that he certainly didn't feel like a victim, didn't have a scratch on him, and is glad the whole thing is over.

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From the article:<... (Below threshold)

From the article:

At the time of the arraignment, Jaeger's head was wrapped in white gauze. Horan said she ended up at the hospital and had to have five stitches to close a wound to her head. The injury, he said, happened when she fell down and may have been the result of drinking too much alcohol.

Well, he sure picked a winner.

A violent, abusive drunk. ... (Below threshold)

A violent, abusive drunk. Peachy. He's an idiot. Probably thinks he's being a White Knight and will save his Damsel In Distress. Feh, a pox on him. He deserves what he gets.

If your bride getting arrested for kicking your ass and having a restraining order placed against her isn't a Red Flag the I don't know what is.

I guess some people are jus... (Below threshold)
Zsa Zsa:

I guess some people are just into that kind of thing!...I have known couples who seem to thrive on abuse! I had a friend who had an abusive husband. She took him back because he took her to Red Lobster! Yes! ... I still am amazed and appauled! First of all Red Lobster is not that great! AND he is a dud!... As I love to say " Whip me! Beat me! I'm trash!"...

One night at work, I was cl... (Below threshold)

One night at work, I was cleaning up at the end of my shift. I was also joking around with a couple of other guys and made the mistake of saying (in a falsetto voice) "Whip me, beat me, make me feel cheap and dirty!" And the guy who was relieving me came out of the locker room, belt in hand, and started whacking me with it.

Moral of the story: Be careful what you wish for; you may get it.






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