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Quote Of The Day - Runaway Bride Edition

"The Wilbanks family called up ABC and said, 'Katie Couric is offering us $500,000; what can Diane [Sawyer] do?"
An insider in the Jennifer Wilbanks camp, on the deal reached with Judith Regan (ReganMedia) and NBC. You might have loathed Wilbanks during her widely covered disappearance, but after Tuesday's sit down with the pixie heel-clicker (Couric) you'll learn to hate the Runaway Bride (and her fiancee Cletus) all over again. MEMO DETAILS BRIDE'S TV DEAL - [Page Six]


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Comments (9)

What, are the Q ratings on ... (Below threshold)
Cousin Dave:

What, are the Q ratings on the Gitmo story dropping off already?

"the during the her"?... (Below threshold)

"the during the her"?

Damn. I know typos happen, but fix that grammar, people!

Deep Throat 2.... (Below threshold)

Deep Throat 2.

If there were justice in th... (Below threshold)

If there were justice in the world, every police authority that spent taxpayer money looking for this idjit of a woman would be able to put a lien against all news interviews, book deals, and other paid publicity earnings she receives for her story.

If only...

I had the same thought as W... (Below threshold)

I had the same thought as Wanderlust. In fact, several states do have laws that would allow the municipality or political subdivision to sue to recover their costs and expenses. Maybe some enterprising assistant law director is out there somewhere drafting a complaint for an injunction to tie up the money. You can always hope, right?

Good to know that money has... (Below threshold)

Good to know that money has not entered the equation. :(

Pathetic ... truly pathetic... (Below threshold)

Pathetic ... truly pathetic ... with all that is wrong with the world, they want to waste money on that person is just such a waste. And what's even more pathetic is that people would actually tune in to watch.

The democrats are exac... (Below threshold)
rob in LA:

The democrats are exactly the same , they pay people to register new voters legally or illegally. They pay for votes , they pay millions in adds to tell lies , smear what ever it takes to win they'll do it , no shame at all. The Democrats are what's wrong with the world , arrogant selfcentered , egotistical frauds who disgrace the United States and are an international embarrassment . Traitors and they are our own in house (American) Terrorists.

With this kind of payout, h... (Below threshold)
Steve L.:

With this kind of payout, how many others are going to stage some kind of silliness in hopes of hitting the jackpot?






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