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Some laws are more equal than others

This morning's Boston Globe had what I thought was good news: 187 illegal aliens arrested in a roundup in Massachusetts. But then I actually read the piece.

The more I read the article, the more I feel it deserves a thorough fisking.

More than 100 undocumented immigrants were rounded up in Massachusetts in a six-day operation targeting immigrants who have committed a crime, the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency reported.

"Undocumented immigrants?" Could it be any more PC? Are bank robberies now to be called "undocumented withdrawals?"

"Targeting immigrants?" Mr. Goldstein is trying the classic dodge of lumping together legal and illegal immigrants. Every time I see this, I grow more infuriated on behalf of those people who follow the rules, obey the laws, and come to the United States legally with those who violate our borders, overstay their visas, or violate the terms of their visas. It's the same sort of moral equivalency that says anyone who carries a gun is innately dangerous and to be feared, be they criminal, police officer, soldier, or second-amendment-minded private citizen.

"Who have committed a crime?" Hello, Mr. Goldstein! They're called immigration LAWS, not immigration SUGGESTIONS. If you actually used correct language, you might have realized just what the word "illegal" in "illegal aliens" means. Or is that too nuanced for you?

Raimondi (spokesman for Immigration and Customs Enforcement) said an initial target list included 179 undocumented immigrants who had been convicted of such crimes as rape, assault and battery, and drug trafficking and who had failed to comply with orders to leave the country. Those targeted posed a security threat, because of a high likelihood they might become repeat offenders, he said.

But I'm sure these people are just committing the rapes, assaults, and drug crimes that Americans don't want to do.

The final tally included 85 undocumented immigrants who have been convicted of crimes and ordered to leave the country, and 60 who had gone before an immigration judge and had been ordered removed from the country but were not convicted of any crime. Also captured were 42 illegal immigrants who had yet to go before a judge to determine their status. (emphasis added)

Whoops, Mr. Goldstein! You used the phrase "illegal immigrants" outside of a quote! You might want to update the resume', because I doubt the Powers That Be at the Globe will let that go unpunished. And the poor copy editor who let it slip by will most likely be joining you on the unemployment line.

I can't go on. But it never amazes me that the Boston Globe can take a black-and-white good news story and still find ways to drive me up the wall.


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Comments (5)

Come on ! Does Raimondi rea... (Below threshold)

Come on ! Does Raimondi really believe illegal aliens, will show up in court so they can be found guilty, just because he gave them papers that tell them to?
Though he seems to feel good about it, to me it would feel like shooting a small stream of liquid into the wind.

Raimondi is an ICE guy invo... (Below threshold)

Raimondi is an ICE guy involved with immigration, which means he was an INS guy before the DHS merger. All of which means that he couldn't pour piss from a boot if the instructions were written on the sole.

'"When we came across illeg... (Below threshold)

'"When we came across illegal aliens, we served them papers to appear," Raimondi said.'

And strongly-worded papers I'm sure they were!


''When we came across il... (Below threshold)

''When we came across illegal aliens, we served them papers to appear," Raimondi said.

It's kinda like writing prescriptions in a country that has no pharmacists or drug stores. You can maintain the delusion that you are doing something about the plague descended upon you.

Seeing as the aliens have a... (Below threshold)

Seeing as the aliens have already been identified, processed, assigned cases, gone through the court process, and been ordered deported, aren't they actually "documented?"






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