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Why I've Been Closing Comments

In the past I've been a staunch defender of open comments. I don't even bother register at sites that require registration. As we Wizbangers have oft mentioned, we are one of the last high traffic blogs to allow open comments. And I guess being a high traffic blog in a growing blogosphere is a multiple edged sword. The down side is we are visited by abject morons.

After Dick Durbin called U.S. soldiers Nazis, I thought that nobody would possibly defend the comments right? When Kevin opened the comments, I told him someone would play the part of the dumbass... Enter 'Gordon:'

"One thing is for certain: There won't be any more mass graves and torture rooms and rape rooms."

President Bush Jan 12 2004

It's ok to attack Saddam because of this, but when the Bush admin is doing it, you castigate somebody who brings it to light.

Gordon takes the word "dumbass" to a height never before explored. He equates air conditioning to mass graves. I don't care if he was just a troll. People that stupid should not be given a forum... Hell, he shouldn't be given car keys.

So if you've wondered why I've been closing comments, you now have the answer. Kevin may still see the value but I personally am over it.

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