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Katie Holmes Surrenders In France

PARIS (AP) -- Actor Tom Cruise said he and girlfriend Katie Holmes are engaged, after he popped the question early Friday morning at the Eiffel Tower. Cruise, speaking at a Paris news conference with Holmes, said: "Yes, I proposed to her."

The couple often shared smiles and blushes as Cruise turned to look at her, with a massive diamond ring on her finger. "It was early this morning at the Eiffel Tower, so I haven't slept at all," he said. "Today is a magnificent day for me, I'm engaged to a magnificent woman."

...While in Berlin two days ago, Cruise dismissed speculation by tabloid newspapers and celebrity gossip columns that their relationship is a stunt to promote their new movies. Holmes was in London earlier this week to promote her new film, "Batman Begins."

She had also dismissed accusations that the couple had staged a relationship for publicity. Holmes said then that she was embracing Scientology -- Cruise's religion. The former star of television's "Dawson's Creek" grew up with a poster of Cruise on her bedroom wall and has said she grew up wanting to marry him.

Perhaps they're both vapid enough to be a match made in heaven, goodness knows they're both nuts enough...

Comments (16)

Yeah, that'll last. ... (Below threshold)

Yeah, that'll last.

And Scientology assimilates... (Below threshold)

And Scientology assimilates another drone.....

Was there like, a camera cr... (Below threshold)

Was there like, a camera crew there waiting for the moment or something?

Can this get any more odd and surreal?

It became necessary for Tom... (Below threshold)

It became necessary for Tommy to put on this dog and pony show (you decide which is which) once long-time rumors started working their way into the open. Katie may think it's a romantic whirlwind, but Tom seems to have set it up as a publicity campaign to distract from potentially harmful talk.

Sure hope she listens when ... (Below threshold)

Sure hope she listens when Nicole calls.

yall muthas are mad jealous... (Below threshold)

yall muthas are mad jealous. the man has reached the highest level of ass consciousness, more wom en willing to give it up to him than any swinging ding-dong on the planet (maybe the universe), and now he bags Kate Holmes and i'm hearing no props. what the frick is up with that?

scientology. shmientology. the man pulls ass like a frieght train.

he is the Dali Lama of ass consciousness.

that is all

Can we all say in unison...... (Below threshold)

Can we all say in unison...."I don't care"?

Is it my imagination, or ha... (Below threshold)

Is it my imagination, or has this whole "romance" been front page news for the past week? Drivel, I tell you...it's all drivel!

Caption:As a whimsic... (Below threshold)

As a whimsical publicity stunt, Cruise turned around and decked her.

Did I just witness a soul b... (Below threshold)

Did I just witness a soul being sold?

This ought to be a caption ... (Below threshold)

This ought to be a caption contest...

I'm just wondering why Holm... (Below threshold)

I'm just wondering why Holmes looks, shall we say, less than happy?

It is all a "stunt." Notice... (Below threshold)

It is all a "stunt." Notice that no one actually saw the proposal, there were no witnesses despite being at a very popular tourist spot (is there a VIP lounge with locked rooms for such events?).

Face it, Tom, you are GAY. Okay? Marrying Nicole and adopting two kids while she never ever got pregnant - until she made a movie with her former love-interest. Then Nicole suddenly got "pregnant" and had a "miscarriage" and you guys broke up all within the same week (it seemed).

Celebrities lives are WAY too complicated. I don't know how they manage the charades at all. If you excuse me I must resume downloading photos of Katie's bare breast from the awful movie "The Gift."

> the man pulls ass like a ... (Below threshold)
Android Cat:

> the man pulls ass like a frieght train.

He can call female ass from the Vasty Deep, but will he want anything to do with it when it does come?

It would be a good thing to... (Below threshold)

It would be a good thing to pray for Katie's soul, and for Tom Cruise's. Maybe Katie will wakeup and inspire Cruise to salvation...

It's a far nicer story line that Katie Holmes throwing away her Catholic faith and ideals because Scientology "seems fun."

A life lived with adulation of a poster image...I worry for this woman, I really do.

And, yes, Holmes does not l... (Below threshold)

And, yes, Holmes does not look happy, not at all. I thought the same thing about Penelope Cruz when she was with Tom Cruise -- went from beautiful to wan and depressed and insecure nearly by another month...then, breakup and Cruise shows up radiant with even a camel trying to kiss her cheek. The visuals are revealing.






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