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Musical nightmares

I have been spending way, way too much time at work. I've almost gotten the muzak track rotation memorized. What's worse, it's starting to creep into my subconscious.

Last night, I dreamed about two Russian lesbians with red hats who, after bitter breakups, moved to Hollywood and joined the police force, where they were assigned to a new development that used to be farmland.

I gotta get off this 6-day, 50+ hour schedule before I completely lose it...

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And this is unique for a dr... (Below threshold)

And this is unique for a dream for you in what way? because the lesbians are wearing hats instead of showing natural red hair?

Jay, RUN, don't walk, don't... (Below threshold)

Jay, RUN, don't walk, don't skip, RUN for the hills, the evil MUZAK minions have gotten to you, and if you're not careful, you'll become one of them!

On a side note, is it true that when you first hear music from your teen years in a elevator (as "elevator music" but not if they use a REAL radio station or CD), that you are officially "old"? Because, if that's true, I was old at EIGHTEEN YEARS OLD!

Way, WAY too late.... (Below threshold)

Way, WAY too late.

Jay Tea... Once upon a time... (Below threshold)
Zsa Zsa:

Jay Tea... Once upon a time I studied dreams. Sometimes certain dreams can reflect on our day...Do you have some lesbian friends, co-workers, or neighbors?...When we dream in color that is usually a sign of intelligence! So the red hats tell us that you are bright! Yea... The Russian and police force thing could represent an authority issue? The bitter break up and moving to Hollywood could mean you might need to take a vacation before your work gets too monotonous!... And while you are on Vacation you just might want to look for another job! That has to do with the farm thing!...Also, the red hats could be a disguise or a change of view!...Ultimately; I would say you need a VACATION! That is a good thing to do every now and then. Especially , because it sounds like you have been working too hard!... That's all Folks!






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