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The latest illegal alien updates

Two stories caught my eye on the issue of illegal aliens, and both of them set off my "duh-tector." (TM)

The first was an account of a study that measured the contribution of immigrants to Massachusetts' economy. In the last 25 years, the percentage of Massachusetts workers who are immigrants has almost doubled, from 9% of the work force to 17%. The conclusion that the researchers reach is that immigrants are not only a valuable asset to the state's economy, but absolutely necessary.

That sounds very impressive, until you read a bit further and find out that the researchers didn't distinguish between legal and illegal immigrants.

My first reaction is to reach back into my favorite analogy of late and say that if they applied the same methodology to the banking industry, they'd be in serious trouble. If you calculate all the withdrawals -- legal and illegal -- and weigh them against all the deposits, the banks would probably be bankrupt, or at least severely hurting.

My second reaction is to perform my own little analysis on the situation, factoring in one factor that they omitted: in the 2000 census, 49 states showed overall growth of population, to various degrees. One state actually LOST people -- Massachusetts.

With that in mind, and taking an immigration activist at his word that 70% of Brazilians in the Bay State are illegals, I would like to put forth an alternate interpretation: the rise in the immigrant percentage of the total workforce is being artificially inflated by the flight of citizens from Massachusetts. The state is becoming known as welcoming to illegal aliens, so they're coming in droves. Meanwhile, those citizens who are seeing the way the state is going are voting with their feet and getting the hell out of Dodge.

The second story has to contain the Quote Of The Day. It's yet another recap of two New Hampshire police chiefs' use of criminal trespass laws to arrest and detain illegal aliens. One of the alien's lawyers, in his official filing to get the charges dropped, included this statement:

"There is no safe harbor in the entire state where Mr. Mora Ramirez could go to avoid breaking the law."

Bingo, Attorney Movafaghi. Got it in ONE. Your client entered the country ILLEGALLY, and his continued presence here is an ongoing offense. He can end this very simply -- by leaving the country. If he wants back in, let him do what millions of others do -- follow the rules, obey the law, and get in line. And if his previous violation of those laws is held against him, tough -- decisions have consequences.

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The setup for that quote, s... (Below threshold)

The setup for that quote, somehow knowing that it was part of your ongoing investigation into the absurdities of ill. immigrants.. the sentence actually made me laugh outloud.. and then I felt as if I was back in a church hall with cards layed out before me.. and the magic word was spoken.. BINGO Thankyou for a sunday am laugh

Similarly, I heard a female... (Below threshold)

Similarly, I heard a female defending illegal immigration and criticising TheMinuteman Project on our Southern Border by saying, "they (Minutemen) are forcing people to go to other areas! They have to go to more difficult areas just to cross! That's their only choice!"

Um....no, they can chose to not immigrate illegally, to go file for immigration the legal way and then come across as safely as they chose with all the right documentation and forms and such.

Illegal immigration proponents and defenders actually accuse Americans who are concerned with border security and illegal immigration as being the problem TO THEM. That Americans pose a problem to illegal immigration...and...and...and, we should just stop it because it puts them at risk!

The attitude does illustrate and evidenc what many of us (me, specifically) have been saying for a long time now and that is that there is this unbridled and entirely unfounded sense of entitlement by many in the country about the United States, that our borders and our nation's laws are things to be disregarded. Just look at the uproar that a few efforts to enforce border security are posing. As in, ~"oh, the outrage: laws!"~

Re: Quote of the day: <br /... (Below threshold)
Les Nessman:

Re: Quote of the day:
""There is no safe harbor in the entire state where Mr. Mora Ramirez could go to avoid breaking the law.""

(Bbbut...but..illegals have always relied upon the fact that we don't enforce existing border laws, they've always counted on the fact that police and other government employees were forbidden to turn illegals over to INS, illegals have always got away with breaking the law because some people willfully looked the other way. What'll they do now? Waaah!)

Maybe the N.H. police chiefs are really on to something here. If this catches on in your other local areas, and spreads to other states in a highly-publicized fashion (hint,hint, everyone), it could really cause trouble for illegals and their enablers.

Gosh, enforcing existing laws. Who knew we could do that!

What's sad about what this ... (Below threshold)

What's sad about what this lawyer said is that they are suggesting that in other states there are "safe harbors" in other states where criminals can feel free from prosecution! The idea is insulting and laughable.

Jay Tea: RE: "He c... (Below threshold)

Jay Tea:

RE: "He can end this very simply -- by leaving the country."
Not quite. He can also end it by leaving the state. We are talking about southern New Hampshire; Massachusetts is right next door.


Yes, there are safe havens. I'm quite sure that liberal states (e.g. Massachusetts) will never take the steps that New Hampshire has taken to remove the illegal immigrants. (Oh, I'm sorry. I meant to say "poor, down-trodden undocumented workers."). It has also been proposed that certain states that rely on illegal immigrant labor (e.g. Georgia and Florida), particularly farm labor and chicken-processing, will not do anything about this problem. You could go to any of these businesses, check for IDs, and make thousands of arrests. It will never happen.

Another study that did not ... (Below threshold)

Another study that did not differentiate adequately between legal and illegal immigrants describes the significant costs of supplying health care to these (obviously) uninsured individuals.
It shows that immigrants represented 86% of the growth in the number of uninsured between 1998 and 2003. So, a "cheaper" work force is not actually "cheaper."






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