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John Kerry's SF-180's Published

Powerline obtained the SF-180's signed by John Kerry authorizing release of his complete service record on a one time basis to three reporters. Not being military records experts they (and I) have no idea if there's anything significant missing from the request. On the surface it appears to be exactly what is was purported to be by Kerry's camp.


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Comments (13)

"I’m going to sit down with... (Below threshold)

"I’m going to sit down with them and make sure that they are clear and I am clear as to what is in the record and what isn’t in the record and we’ll put it out. I have no problem with that."

- John Kerry 1/30/2005

Uh huh.

So...two forms filled out i... (Below threshold)
mark m:

So...two forms filled out in May and one in June and Kerry didn't fill them out himself.....SO???. What about the records????

Mark's got the right point-... (Below threshold)

Mark's got the right point--form 180 is of little interest. Let's see the actual records.

What we don't know is what ... (Below threshold)

What we don't know is what agreement these hand-picked recipients may have made about their use and further dissemination of the records.

And the conspiracy theories... (Below threshold)

And the conspiracy theories have already started... I'm no Kerry fan, not in the least, but no matter what he does, even if he had the records mailed directly to the White House, some of you (e.g. Parker) would be theorizing he paid off members of the USPS to switch in fakes.

Can RepblicanUnderground.com be far behind?

"Republican," even.... (Below threshold)

"Republican," even.

With the reputations of the... (Below threshold)

With the reputations of the Globe and LA Times, I doubth there would need to be any express or implied agreement behind the scenes - other than don't leak the records. I don't know about this guy from AP, but I'm sure he was hand-picked and deemed trustworthy by the Kerry camp.

So, now Kerry can say he released the records, and we and other compeitors and critics of the MSM can say that Kerry was, shall we say, choosing his own jury.

This argument won't die yet....

If the records are so innoc... (Below threshold)

If the records are so innocuous and only serve to support Kerry (except for his poor grades)...then why the delay in signing the 180 and producing the records. Either he's a political idiot or he was and still is hiding something.

I don't claim (or even mean... (Below threshold)

I don't claim (or even mean to imply) conspiracy.

I would like to see the complete record set.

I would like to know if the recipients have made any agreement with Senator Kerry about their use or redistribution of the records.

This seems to me to be a reasonable and germane question under the circumstances - if there is no such agreement, why not cut to the chase and authorize release to any interested party. (Then you'd only need one form, too.)

Part of the reason for my curiosity is the fact that the completion of a simple, one-page form has been so fraught with controversy, and has taken such an extended period of time to accomplish.

I agree with Don, but I'm l... (Below threshold)

I agree with Don, but I'm leaning far towards the "political idiot" side of the equation.

Question (because I don't k... (Below threshold)

Question (because I don't know): Does the SF-180 unlock the memories and lips of those previously silenced by the Privacy Act?

It doesn't take much to det... (Below threshold)

It doesn't take much to determine he is still playing games. His records were modified after he was released from active duty and assigned to the active reserves, in which I have never found a record of him serving one day. Everyone know that all the records modifications took place after his release from active duty, so what we are looking for is in he reserve records and he conviently neglected to check that block. He's always been a traitor and still is.

So, here we have Kerry prov... (Below threshold)

So, here we have Kerry proving his goose is cooked. All these years, all these delays...no one with even a tad of balance and credibility would have dawdled and rewritten and reconstructed a "military record" as has John Kerry, and all that for what?

Kerry is such a sleazey guy. I mean, just such a sleazy person. Perhaps it's a ruse to make us feel gratitude for the 'ethics' of Joe Biden.






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