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Missing Boy Scout Found Alive In Utah


Brennan Hawkins, the 11-year-old boy who went missing last Friday from a a Utah Boy Scout camp in a rugged, snowcapped mountain range, has been found 5-miles from the camp.

He was found near Lily Lake and that he had "walked quite a distance". Kay Godfrey of the Salt Lake Boy Scout Council confirmed that Brennan was found about 5 miles north of the Boy Scout camp just before noon today. Bob Hawkins, told the press that Brennan was found, that he is in "very good condition" but "a little dehydrated" and that Brennan will be taken to a hospital for examination.

So few of these stories usually have a happy ending, it's nice to see one turn out as the family and friends hoped.

Via: Find Brennan

Update: Here's a MSNBC story with more details.

Comments (12)

Our troop works hard for ju... (Below threshold)

Our troop works hard for just this sort of resolution. He should never have wandered away alone in the first place, buddy system. But once he was lost, he should know what to do to maximize his chance of being found.

an 11 year old is just an 1... (Below threshold)
christiane Dickinson:

an 11 year old is just an 11 year old...daring yet non logical. he should never have wandered away alone but at least he kept himself alive by not doing more stupid things.its a miracle he survived 4 days..thanks for the continued search by so many wonderful people...thank goodness this was june ,not april or may .he would not have survived the cold in the mountains so long.

thank god we still have tha... (Below threshold)

thank god we still have that white girl missing in aruba...what would FOX have to report/hyperbolate on now...

Hmmm."thank god we... (Below threshold)


"thank god we still have that white girl missing in aruba...what would FOX have to report/hyperbolate on now..."

Well to paraphrase Christians: Liberals will provide.

Neil: Nice going. ... (Below threshold)


Nice going. Only a troll would use a family's tragedy to score points about over-zealous media coverage.

Praise God! This is so gre... (Below threshold)

Praise God! This is so great, so wonderful, this child safe and secure and in such great health as can be expected after four days without food or shelter. It's a great story and I'm so grateful that the boy is safe and now found.

I've done some camping in s... (Below threshold)

I've done some camping in southern Utah down near the Four Corners area. Folks "Back East" can't imagine just how empty the West can be. It's not much of a stretch to say that finding this kid was something of a miracle.

So happy that the young boy... (Below threshold)

So happy that the young boy was found.

It's rough country where a few yards can make the difference between being found or missed.

So not surprised that an idiot like Neil would latch on to this post with his venom.

It's also country where those that do not have the strength to stand up for their own beliefs, not only leave it to others, but spew their hate onto a story of happiness about a rescued young boy.

Neil, you are not worth the words that I just typed.

Disagree about anything else, but the fact that you decided to do it in this post describes you completely.

Maybe when the parents were... (Below threshold)

Maybe when the parents were grilling into his mind to 'not talk to strangers' they should have added the disclaimer, 'except for when you've wandered off into the woods of Utah and half the nation is looking for you.' The parents are acting like the kid did an act of genious by hiding off the trail everytime someone came along. Seriously, they're lucky someone caught the kid off guard, because one of those times the kid darted off the path to 'avoid a stranger' he wouldn't have had the energy to get back on. We all know what the consequence would have been then.

parents should have reveale... (Below threshold)

parents should have revealed kid's limitations so searchers wouldn't have based rescue efforts on "normal" kids' responses to being lost in the wild: e.g., most kids would walk downhill, etc. If he was mentally challenged it definitely factored in.

It all turned out well but ... (Below threshold)
Eagle Scout Bronze Palm:

It all turned out well but the kid is a bit of a retard. "He doesn't have a good sense of direction" says Mom. No fooling. Should he be on a leash? His parents should have informed the incredibly stressed Scoutmaster before the excursion that their darling needs constant attention and could wander off. When did the big buzzer go off in Brennan's head that "don't talk to strangers" was probably not applicable in every situation? Hug him then spank the shit out him. And keep him out of the woods. We're all glad he's OK.

The kid is a moron. I knew ... (Below threshold)

The kid is a moron. I knew not to talk to strangers too. At 11 years old I was highly capable of making descisions. His parents must be whack jobs that have molded this kid into mush.

I guess thats what happens when you are over protective with your children, they never learn how to think for themselves. Lucky kid.






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