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The 10 Spot - Headline Edition

Ten headlines you may have missed.

  1. "No Freakin' Clue' Finishes A Strong Second In Presidential Poll - [DailyKos]

  2. Red Pencils Are Drawn Over New Clinton Book - [WaPo]

  3. The Kabbalah Chronicles: Inside Hollywood's Hottest Cult - [Radar]

  4. Katie Couric/Jennifer Wilbanks Interview: "I feel guilty" - [Today]

  5. Katie Holmes' Missing Days - [FoxNews]

  6. Outlaws biker gang 'so polite it was scary' - [Portland Press Herald]

  7. Lindsay Lohan's Breasts Block Billboard - [BoiFromTroy]

  8. Wiki Cooties And the death of editorials - [BuzzMachine]

  9. Who is screwing up America? - [Right Wing News]

  10. Americans Choosing Nude Vacations - [Outside The Beltway]

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Comments (5)

Does anyone else see it as ... (Below threshold)

Does anyone else see it as odd that a site that draws ...ahem... 400,000 hits a day would only have 13,900 participate in a poll? What, are the rabid Moonbats on Kos's site apathetic to his polls?

Me thinks his traffic is not what it says it is.

Hmmm.It's probably... (Below threshold)


It's probably 380,000 Republicans hitting that site.


They really love lurch -- o... (Below threshold)

They really love lurch -- only 2%, lol.

Kind of scares me if the maoonbats all love Clark, though.

A little XHTML tip:<p... (Below threshold)

A little XHTML tip:

<li>Item 2</li>

Your lists look all "earthquaked" because you're not properly closing the LI tags.

make that:<li&g... (Below threshold)

make that:







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