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A truly remarkable resume'

There's a great deal of buzz going around about the Discovery Channel's list of the Greatest Americans. The first cut drew it down to 25. The next cuts brought it down to five, and Sunday they're doing their final listing.

One Boston talk show tried an interesting gambit. They listed the final five (Benjamin Franklin; Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr; Abraham Lincoln; George Washington; and Ronald Reagan) and asked their callers who they would remove from that list, and who they would like to see take their place.

One guy' suggestion really floored me. He listed his nominee's qualifications, and I had to agree with him -- that person really deserved to be in the top five.

Here are three simple facts about his nominee:

1) This person was awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor -- and this was when it really meant something, not like during the Civil War when, as I recall, one entire unit won it simply for re-enlisting. This was presented for a clear-cut case of heroism, well "above and beyond the call of duty."

2) This person also won the Nobel Peace Prize, again when it really meant something. The notion that Yassir Arafat shares this honor with this person nauseates me no end.

3) Neither the Congressional Medal of Honor nor the Nobel Peace Prize were this person's greatest achievement, the one for they are most well remembered.

Wizbang Bonus Bucks to the first person who can name this individual, who didn't even make Discovery's top 25.

Update: DAMN YOU, Maker of Worlds! Damn you! Not even TWO LOUSY MINUTES!

Comments (25)

Teddy Roosevelt.... (Below threshold)

Teddy Roosevelt.

History has never been fair... (Below threshold)

History has never been fair about recognizing the contributions of bullmooses in general.

George Marshall?... (Below threshold)
Tim Mazac:

George Marshall?

Since Teddy Rosevelt didn't... (Below threshold)

Since Teddy Rosevelt didn't make the top 25, I'd like to see the list of politically-correct feel-good revisionist history candidates who did make it.

jimmy carter... (Below threshold)
sibling spelling:

jimmy carter

Marshall is not listed as a... (Below threshold)
Mrs. Davis:

Marshall is not listed as a recipient at the U. S. Army website for the CMH in WW1, WW2 or special legislation. What was surprising in checking for this is that Doug MacArthur did win it for WW2. I would expect that of him but not Marshall.

I watched the show in a motel room while on a trip. What was fascinating was watching the spokespersons for Franklin, King, and Reagan struggle to get their candidates on a par with Lincoln and Washington. About those two alone can there be debate.

TR... (Below threshold)


It's telling that Barack Ob... (Below threshold)

It's telling that Barack Obama was included in the top 100.

It is of course TR.<p... (Below threshold)

It is of course TR.

Worse than Obama (barely) is Ellen Degeneres. Actually could name half the list as undeserving of mention.

Forest Gump is the correct ... (Below threshold)

Forest Gump is the correct answer.

Dude, like there's a surplu... (Below threshold)

Dude, like there's a surplus of folks who have both a CMH and a Nobel... (And during the Civil War, the CMH was more like the Bronze Star is today)

Oprah made the top 25? Wha... (Below threshold)

Oprah made the top 25? What the hell for?

Dimmy Carter! Ha Ha... (Below threshold)

Dimmy Carter! Ha Ha

Goddamit I knew it. What a... (Below threshold)

Goddamit I knew it. What a politically correct piece of crap is that top 25 list.

Sure, no Teddy Rosevelt, but let's not stop there. No Ike. No Grant. Not a single writer, like Mark Twain. No Madison, no Hamilton, no Thomas Paine. No Lindberg.

Oh but sure, we have Eleanor Rosevelt, Rosa Parks, Lance Armstrong, Muhammad Ali, Neil Armstrong.... wait a minute, is that Oprah? And shit, Bill Clinton? Oh my God.

Lance Armstrong beats James Madison? Oprah beats Mark Twain? Clinton trumps Hamilton? What the hell?

I admire Teddy Roosevelt ve... (Below threshold)

I admire Teddy Roosevelt very much and consider him one of the greatest Americans, however, he did not win the CMH. His son did, postumusly, for his actions on June 6, 1944. He was considered for the award for his bravrey at San Juan hill, but was denied. I hope it wasn't TR you were refering to, but I do think he should be above ellen degeneres.

Err, this wouldn't be the s... (Below threshold)

Err, this wouldn't be the same Discovery Channel owned by Discovery Communications, which entered a 50:50 joiny venture with Rhe New York Times Company would it?

Of course, we should all just be grateful that Bill Clinton isn't #1.


Berlins,TR did win... (Below threshold)


TR did win the CMH for his service in the Spanish-American War. http://www.army.mil/cmh-pg/mohspan.htm scroll down to Roosevelt.

Berlins me thinks you need ... (Below threshold)

Berlins me thinks you need to read that better.

Teddy was awarded the medal posthumously.

Reagan in the top 5. OMG.<b... (Below threshold)

Reagan in the top 5. OMG.
Is that the father or the son?

erm, it is the Medal of Hon... (Below threshold)

erm, it is the Medal of Honor...
there is no congressional in it..
Congress does recognise it..
get it right

the highest civilian honor is the Medal of Freedom, note that it is not Congressional either.

Interesting to learn this a... (Below threshold)

Interesting to learn this abou TR but I don't agree these awards put him in the top 5. But add trust-busting and environmentalism - two major policy initiatives with especially significant long-term effects -- the Panama Canal, and America's first world-wide ocean-going Navy (the Great White Fleet) and I think you've got something.

I apologize and stand corre... (Below threshold)

I apologize and stand corrected. I was merely going by my history memory and did not read that Clinton of all people awarded the CMH to him in 2001. But at the time I am sure he was denied the award after being recommended for the citation by his superiors, ( and himself ). More reading on my part is needed before I insert my foot firmly in mouth.

Teddy couldn't get elected ... (Below threshold)

Teddy couldn't get elected nowadays by the GOP.

As President, Roosevelt held the ideal that the Government should be the great arbiter of the conflicting economic forces in the Nation, especially between capital and labor, guaranteeing justice to each and dispensing favors to none.

Roosevelt emerged spectacularly as a "trust buster" by forcing the dissolution of a great railroad combination in the Northwest. Other antitrust suits under the Sherman Act followed.

The Right would call him a socialist.

TR did recieve the Congress... (Below threshold)

TR did recieve the Congressional Medal of Honor (ac - this is the same award as the "Medal of Honor" and it requires an act of congress to be awarded).

Here's a link http://www.theodoreroosevelt.org/life/medalofhonor.htm

alivn c. york is that perso... (Below threshold)

alivn c. york is that person






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