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Doesn't sound too appetizing to me...

The other day, I opened a fresh jar of mayonnaise. Emblazoned across the seal of the jar was the following message:


I'm not certain if they are saying that the jar should be included in the salad, or if I should make the salad IN the jar, but either way it doesn't sound too appetizing...

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If the jar won't break, it'... (Below threshold)

If the jar won't break, it's hard to put it in the salad.

:vomit:... (Below threshold)


Sorry to go off topic, but ... (Below threshold)

Sorry to go off topic, but would somebody please tell Paul that neither one of the links to SayAnything in his post 'Reuters "Seals" Their Own Fate' is working. I'd tell him myself, but he's closed comments. I am sending Kevin an e-mail about it, so maybe he can fix them.

Maybe the jar is actually a... (Below threshold)

Maybe the jar is actually a robot that will make the salad for you.

Fatman, SayAnything appears to be down right now. Those links were likely working at some point, but the site is experiencing technical difficulties.

And on topic, you'd be surp... (Below threshold)

And on topic, you'd be surprised at how chewy and filling those convenient shatterproof jars are.

(You don't want to know.)

Thank you, Mark J. Sorry, P... (Below threshold)

Thank you, Mark J. Sorry, Paul.

And Kevin. And Jay Tea. *SI... (Below threshold)

And Kevin. And Jay Tea. *SIGH*

I knew big food was trying ... (Below threshold)

I knew big food was trying to kill us!

- Whenever one of these "in... (Below threshold)

- Whenever one of these "instructional malaprops" pops up I'm always reminded of the "do not remove by Federal Law" on bed stuffs and the scene from SNL where Gilda Ratner and Dan Akroid agonize over the emergency instructions in the operating manual for their runaway Atomic Energy plant: "You can not add too much water to a runaway containment vesel"!!!!.......

Man ...I ain't NEV... (Below threshold)

Man ...

I ain't NEVER comin' to your house for dinner.

Mayonnaise -- it's not just... (Below threshold)

Mayonnaise -- it's not just for breakfast anymore!

The problem probably comes ... (Below threshold)

The problem probably comes from the original being written in spanish, then it lost something in translation. I was trying to buy light bulbs at Home Depot the other day, all I could find were cases of Blanco Bombillas, which I assumed were stupid bombs, in there place...

Dude, you are so weird.... (Below threshold)

Dude, you are so weird.

(not that I don't like weird, mind you. I just say this for your benefit.)

(in case you didn't know.)

Mayonnaise? "Makes a great ... (Below threshold)

Mayonnaise? "Makes a great salad"?

For Gitmo detainees maybe. Ick.

Maybe you ought to try Mira... (Below threshold)

Maybe you ought to try Miracle Whip.

"Mmmmmm...mayonaise salad..... (Below threshold)

"Mmmmmm...mayonaise salad...."

Altho it would indeed not b... (Below threshold)

Altho it would indeed not be convenient to do so, you could in fact shatter the container quite easily. Dunk it in liquid nitrogen and then hit it with a hammer.






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