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I thought we were past the "she was asking for it" BS...

This morning's Boston Herald has the tale of a guy who got fed up with his wife and didn't want to go to the hassle of a divorce, so we figured he'd cut to the chase and have her killed.

Now, setting aside the idiocy of hiring someone to commit murder (really, how many times has this happened when the hit-man-to-be has NOT been an undercover cop?), let's look at things:

This guy has already been arrested, tried, and convicted of soliciting murder. He's up to the sentencing stage of his trial, and his plea for clemency is "she deserved it."

And he's trying this defense in MASSACHUSETTS, where a cop who admits to nearly-nightly rapes of his adopted seven-year-old daughter gets off (pardon the expression) with "time served" and won't even have to register as a sex offender.

Mr. Stonier, get used to the view from inside a cell. I get the feeling you're going to see that for a long, long time.

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So how exactly is this guy ... (Below threshold)
Dave Dunxley:

So how exactly is this guy a dumbass? If that cop got off, then Mass is completely lawless and this guy just might get time served also. I'm missing something here.

That was exactly what I was... (Below threshold)

That was exactly what I was going to say. I just don't see the connection Jay Tea is trying to make. If anything, the child rapist case just proves that this murderer has a darn good shot at getting leniency.

They both should have gotte... (Below threshold)

They both should have gotten short sentences, something along the lines of 5 years, in the electric chair.

I hate Masshole. Always hav... (Below threshold)

I hate Masshole. Always have. Always will.

Jaysus on a PonyAn... (Below threshold)

Jaysus on a Pony

And people point their fingers at California and snicker.

Hey, at least we have the toughest 3 strikes Law in the nation. (though we had to beat back a move by moonbats to gut it last election)

And we USE it.

Three strikes my butt. I'm ... (Below threshold)

Three strikes my butt. I'm still high-tailin' it out of this state before Prop 13 gets watered down to nothingness.

MCGThey haven't to... (Below threshold)


They haven't touched Prop 13 yet...and I think ever our far-left whacko state legislators have an inkling what may happen to them if they try.

Well, maybe for child rapin... (Below threshold)

Well, maybe for child raping Mass has the upper hand on letting them free but for spouse or parent killing California is still tops. I mean you got OJ, with is blood all over the place, and his alibi was "I was playing golf, at night, in the dark."

Then there is Robert Blake (who also used the "She needed killing" defense to success). His alibi was, "I was going back inside to get my gun when she was shot."

Let's not forget the Menedez brothers. They actually confessed and it still took 3 trials to convict them.

Nah, Mass still has a ways to go....






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