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Quote Of The Day - Domo Arigato Mister Kyoto Edition

"I'd say, sell your car and walk."
Low-cost European airline Ryanair's chief executive, Michael O'Leary, responding to a question about what he would say to air travelers worried about the environment. [Guardian Unlimited]

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What a great response. I w... (Below threshold)

What a great response. I wish they had video of the room after he let loose with that one.

It is hard to argue with th... (Below threshold)

It is hard to argue with the logic of his statement, regardless of your opinion on "Kyoto". I am reminded of the "All you nuke opponents can freeze to death in the dark" bumper stickers of 30 years ago.

Well, since I'm not "worrie... (Below threshold)

Well, since I'm not "worried" about the environment, I guess I must be exempted. So I get to buy more cars, and drive to the curb to get my mail and daily paper.


What they'll say to this is... (Below threshold)

What they'll say to this is that equality's also just as important.

Translation: it wouldn't be fair that everyone else gets to fly to the international conferences on environmentlaism while I have to walk there. So I'll keep catching the planes until we can tax them out of the sky and no-one can fly them.

Translation of "tax them out of the sky and no-one can fly them": tax them so much that the ordinary person can't afford them, but big-shot greenies with grants like me can.

Am I the only one here that... (Below threshold)

Am I the only one here that ever noticed the big black cloud hanging in the air above the Rainbow Warrior? I mean, other than the one time the French didn't wave the white flag and actually attacked someone?






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