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HuffPost Of The Day - Arianna Huffington Pitches Party Gossip As News

Vail Daily editor Don Rodgers throws a bucket of cold water on Arianna Huffington's, Dick Cheney checks into a Vail hospital with heart problems story. From the Vail Daily News Editors Blog:

Vice President Dick Cheney, on his annual visit to Beaver Creek for the World Forum, that annual gathering of conservatives and the now somewhat humbled neo-conservative cabal, went fishing on the Eagle River today, as he often does.

The stories from folks who work at the hospital were all about Cheney visiting Dr. Richard Steadman. One said she was told it was a social visit. Others said the vice president was there to have his knee looked at, after Steadman finished his day's round of surgeries. The timing fit the doc's schedule.

We were told of the Secret Service fellows doing their thing, clearing everyone out ahead of the vice president. But things got back to normal pretty quick outside the clinic's doors. Agents guarded the doors to the clinic. But downstairs in the lobby, other agents appeared to be paying more attention to "Sports Center" than the pedestrian traffic, and the fellows with the vehicles chatted with hotel security and just a little with passers-by.

Some of the party talk at the Vail Valley Institute, which included Arianna Huffington, David Brooks and other luminaries attending a three-day seminar, touched on what Cheney was really doing at the hospital.

It's hard for me to separate the speculation from the observations reported second-hand to me. But someone basically said they knew someone who told them they understood that the knee thing was a ruse. Dick felt some heart discomfort and they all made up a story about his knee. He passed through the orthopedic clinic and visited other docs and had his heart looked at, this story goes.

Everyone I called laughed at me, frankly. But it's not implausible at all. We haven't been able to confirm anything like that happening, and grrrr, it's that damn sort of rumor that's impossible to disprove, either. Or at least not easy. The doc Cheney supposedly saw didn't answer his home phone tonight, and I know he wouldn't tell me anything if he did.

Arianna wrote in her blog that she was told Cheney went to a cardiac unit "adjacent" to the orthopedic clinic. Well, I'm pretty sure there is not any cardiac unit next door to Steadman Hawkins. But it's a small mountain town hospital. Upstairs ain't far away, either.

She also tells of a nurse, intimidated by a security guy doing his thing, calling her husband and declaring something big is happening.

In any case, Cheney left at 5:30 p.m., about right for his knee exam. He never checked in the hospital, and I believe he's still in town.

Twenty four hours later, and Ariana has neither retracted the story, nor provided any additional updates. Of course they have managed to delete comments (all of which had to be approved by someone at HuffPo before they were displayed) after others noticed that cheerleading for Cheney's demise made HuffPo resembled the fever-swamp that is Democratic Underground.

Not one single reputable news source (or unreputable for that matter) has provided even a shred of support for Arianna's cocktail circuit tale...

Update: As noted in the comment section below there is some confusion (due to the disclaimer on the comment form at HuffPo) as to which comments are pre-publication moderated and which are post-publication moderated. Comments that Huffington (or her staff) didn't want displayed were deleted, which she explains here.


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Comments (11)

Poor Cheney... sometimes i... (Below threshold)

Poor Cheney... sometimes it seems like people WANT for him to be having health problems.

What gets me is the claim h... (Below threshold)

What gets me is the claim he was hiding a heart problem. It's not like Cheney getting a quick ticker check-up would be surprising in the least. It's well known he has heart issues. Seems like they are just bottom feeding...

I am a pretty regular comme... (Below threshold)

I am a pretty regular commenter at HuffPo and I have to say that honestly they don't approve comments before they go onto the news stories. You type out a comment, and it goes immediately into the comments section.

But, Arianna only allows approved comments to go under her posts - I think that is why people think HuffPo only allows approved comments. Arianna never allows any comments on her posts that are anything but gushing praise or that contribute to the rah-rah chorus.

And yeah, alot of the comments about Cheney that were deleted were demented and hateful hopes that he dies, uttered by the infinitely compassionate leftists. Huff had the good tasted to wish Cheney good health.

That was really "Big and Wh... (Below threshold)
Eneils Bailey:

That was really "Big and White" of AH to wish him good health after being trashed by the lefties.

Well she did wish Cheney go... (Below threshold)

Well she did wish Cheney good health, at least she is not as far gone as some of her commenters.

It was wise of her to cull the comments - HuffPo is in danger of being pegged as another Democratic Underground otherwise, with all the ridicule and disdain that goes with it.

Comments are pre-approved o... (Below threshold)

Comments are pre-approved on the blog and go up automatically on the news items (where they are then moderated). Post a comment on anyone's post on the blog and on any news story and this system (and difference) will be obvious.

She is always self serving.... (Below threshold)

She is always self serving. She is a tyrant, terrible mother and an abusive employer. She should be investigated by the IRS. They should look at her handling of non profit funds and tax returns.

You are right Kevin, the di... (Below threshold)

You are right Kevin, the difference would be tremendous.

I have tried to post several comments on the various blogs, without personal attacks or expletives as should go without saying, and of course they were not posted.

My comment to Norman Mailer today was not posted, for example.

Arianna is trying to create an echo chamber over there, which is one reason I go there to try and buck the liberal trend. I don't mind uphill battles!

The Huff Blog is about thre... (Below threshold)
Eneils Bailey:

The Huff Blog is about three incomplete sentences and a couple of "Fuck Bush" away from becoming another Moveon or DailyKos. They are fun to read at times, but not exactly known for attracting too many steady readers outside of the hard left.

<a href="http://www.nydaily... (Below threshold)
Just as <a href="http://www... (Below threshold)

Just as accurate as the HP. Funnier, too.






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