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A plea for help -- help a mother bury her children

I've mentioned in passing the story of Manuel Gehring, the New Hampshire man who killed his two children, then hanged himself in his jail cell before his trial.

But for some reason I kept neglecting to mention what may be the most tragic element. Gehring shot the children in his minivan, then started driving across the country. Somewhere along Interstate 80 between Pennsylvania and Iowa, he pulled off the highway and buried his son and daughter. But their bodies have never been recovered.

Authorities are convinced that the Gehring was telling the truth before he killed himself. They report that all the details are accurate, and all the physical evidence (the purchasing of the shovel and other materials he says he used to bury them, the overwhelming evidence in the van that it was a murder scene, and so on) backs it up. Gehring himself retraced his path several times with law enforcement officials, but couldn't find the scene.

Terri Knight -- Gehring's ex-wife and mother of the missing children -- has been to the Midwest several times, and is planning yet another trip soon. She's hoping that this time she will find the bodies of her son and daughter, and bring them home for a proper burial.

The FBI has taken a most unusual step. They have posted transcripts and audio clips of Gehring's account on their web site here and here.

I've never openly asked for help from Wizbang readers, but I'm doing it now. If any of you live near Interstate 80 between Pennsylvania and Iowa, please go and check out Gehring's description of where he left his children's bodies. And if it does sound familiar, please contact the FBI.


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