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Well, that didn't take too long...

I've been wondering just how long it would take for municipal leaders, feeling their oats in light of the Kelo case on eminent domain, would start flexing their newly-confirmed muscles and start leaning on property holders to conform to the politicians' wishes -- or feel the heat.

I am waiting no longer. Yesterday, the Boston Globe reported that Mayor Tom Menino has singled out a Chicago family who owns a choice hunk of Boston's waterfront. They've received permits for development, but haven't used them yet -- they're just quietly sitting back and raking in the money from parking.

Under Boston law, the permits they secured are good for three years, and then the city can revoke them if they haven't been used. That time expires this November and Menino is threatening to not only pull those permits, but the ones that let them use the land for parking as well -- making the land unusable until they go through the expensive permit process again.

Mumbles (as Menino is known) isn't threatening to just up and take away the land from the Prizker family yet, but I'm sure that once one of his aides breaks it down into words of two syllables or less, he'll be all over it.

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Comments (7)

Yes, there are a lot of mun... (Below threshold)
Eneils Bailey:

Yes, there are a lot of municipalties and regional planning commissions that will be on this quicker than Ted Kennedy can gulp down a scotch and water. The demographic profile of most cities will now enable the groups that believe in local governments taking control of planning and development of metro areas. This is a very big landmark decision that should inspire citizens to look at the makeup of SCOTUS.

Hmmm.A Supreme Cou... (Below threshold)


A Supreme Court ruling that enables politicians to condemn private property and hand it over to politically connected cronies?

Real estate developers all over the country are drooling.

Don't EVEN start feeling so... (Below threshold)

Don't EVEN start feeling sorry for anybody from Boston who's last name is Prizker. I'm quite sure they're financially well off enough to not even notice the loss of a little waterfront. This is a very wll known name in the Boston area. I guess they'll be stuck with their mansions on Beacon hill to drown their sorrows in.

TJ,If it would be ... (Below threshold)


If it would be wrong to do it to an average middle class Joe then it is wrong to do it to someone financially well off.

I fail to see how the wealth of the Prizker's enters into it.

Unless of course you're a socialist and/or a Democrat.

Actually in yesterday's <a ... (Below threshold)

Actually in yesterday's Glob Boston City Council President Michael Flaherty suggested that they take the land.

Is this Chicago family the ... (Below threshold)

Is this Chicago family the Pritzker family (with a "t")? If so, they themselves are real estate developers. And in any case, probably have a greater net worth than the City of Boston.

Some people are trying to g... (Below threshold)

Some people are trying to get Congress to do their duty and impeach the five justices who ignored their oath to upheld the Constitution of the United States:







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