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Quote Of The Day - Freedom Of The Press Edition

"As I've frequently told all of you in this room, you have been a critical part of exposing terrible things that have gone on in this Organization [The UNDP], but do not let your standards of journalism decline as you do that. Stick to proper issues and evidence."

Mark Malloch Brown, chief of staff to Kofi Annan and the administrator of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), gets testy with reporters after they question his financial arrangements with his landlord George Soros. The New York Sun originally broke the story that Brown was paying a "full commercial rent" of $120,000/yr on his $125,000/yr salary.

Via Mediacrity who also showcases a whistle blower complaint from 12 UN employees that UNDP official Justin Leites violated the UN Charter, staff regulations and his oath of office by taking a leading political role in the Kerry-Edwards presidential campaign last year.

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The complaint calls on the ... (Below threshold)

The complaint calls on the dismissal of the UN employee (as it should, and the guy should be dismissed and media should make a thing of this but to no one's surprise, no media are)...but what about penalties for the Kerry/Maine campaign?

Should they not be held up for criticism and some sort of reprimand? Yes, I think so.

It's remarkable to what lengths our media goes to deny mention of wrongdoings and other ethical wrongs by Democrats. Actually, not remarkable at all, now that I think about that.

A tangential issue here, however, is: has anyone ever made public who created, funds and manages DU? Just curious, you know.






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