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Eminent Domain - It's The New Black

After the Kelo v. City of New London decision it seems everyone wants to getting in on the eminent domain act. The stories

  • Could a hotel be built on the land owned by Supreme Court Justice David H. Souter? The ruling by the Supreme Court which was supported by Justice Souter himself itself could allow it. A private developer is seeking to use this very law to build a hotel on Souter's land.
  • Here's a headline many will be happy to see: New York City Invokes Eminent Domain to Acquire New Jersey.
  • In case you think it couldn't happen to you... The Institute for Justice, has documented more than 10,000 instances of government taking property from one person to give it to another in just the last five years. In Lakewood, Ohio they've even gone so far as to redefining the word "blighted." A home there can be considered blighted if it doesn't have the following: three bedrooms, two baths, an attached two-car garage and central air.
  • Pittsburgh has spent more than $700,000 in attempting to buy the last remaining adult theater in town, whose assessed value is $313,500. They're trying to use eminent domain to clear the way for a civic redevelopment project. As one resident put it, " "If the city wanted it so badly, they should have bought it the last time it was for sale, before the guy who bought it turned it all adult. Or the city should make an offer now that the guy finds too good to turn down."
I'll tell you now that only one of the stories above is not true. The challenge (such that it is) is to figure out which is the fake...

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Comments (4)

""..Or the city should make... (Below threshold)
Don Corleone:

""..Or the city should make an offer now that the guy finds too good to turn down.""

Why would the city do that?

With the SCOTUS decision, now they can 'make him an offer he can't refuse'.

If any of you would ... (Below threshold)
Jack Rudd:

If any of you would like to inform the five council members of Souter's town about your
enthusiastic support of this proposal and/or about your intention to stay in the hotel if it is built, you may inform them via e-mail at this address:

[email protected]

That's not much challenge. ... (Below threshold)

That's not much challenge. Nobody would want Jersey. I have to fly into that armpit of the earth every 90 days to go board meetings and I always get a tetanus shot when I leave. The only place I've ever been that I liked less was Paris, only slightly filthier but quite a bit more pungent. Paris needs some smokestacks to cover the body odor. Hey, it works for Jersey...

Proof that San Diego isn't ... (Below threshold)

Proof that San Diego isn't (or wasn't) the only city with a moron named Murphy for a mayor. But at least San Diego's Murphy had the grace to resign. We're stuck with ours until the end of the year, when his term expires.






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