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She's also facing charges of impersonating a Kennedy...

Out of Massachusetts (where else?) comes the tale of a young woman who's landed herself in a bushel of trouble. (See stories here, here, here, and here.)

Nekita Miranda-Edwards, 18, of Beverly, MA, just like every other teenager, desperately wanted her driver's license and the freedom they believe comes with it. Unfortunately, she failed the written part of the test last April.

But she didn't let that discourage her. She just KNEW she was a good driver, and wasn't going to let any old silly state trooper tell her otherwise. And when her mother told her that she shouldn't get behind the wheel without proper supervision until she did pass the exam, she ignored Mom, too.

Last weekend, Miranda and some friends went out to spend the day at a pond. Miranda borrowed her friend's SUV to make a food run, but she never made it.

Instead, she lost control of the SUV on a residential street and crashed into a cinderblock wall. Worse, the wall's owner had been doing some gardening, and was crushed between the SUV and the wall. She was killed.

Miranda did what any fine, upstanding, moral citizen of Massachusetts would do at that point (as exemplified by their senior Senator): she ran like hell. Well, first she and her passenger went into the severely-injured woman's house to clean up their cuts from the crash. Once she felt she was presentable, she then fled to some nearby woods, where she called her boyfriend to come pick her up. Unfortunately for her, the police pulled over his car and found her hiding under a sheet. At that point she finally did ask about the woman who she had crushed against a wall, and whose house she had invaded to try to wash off the evidence.

Her lawyer is already spinning this as a "tragic accident," and in one sense I can see that -- the young lady certainly didn't INTEND to kill anyone. But this wasn't a single simple, bad choice -- this was a chain of bad decisions and knowing wrongful actions that ended up with an innocent woman paying the ultimate price for Miranda's wrongs.

So, let's see: driving without a valid license, causing a fatal motor vehicle accident, fleeing the scene of an accident causing injury, and failing to report an accident: judging by Massachusetts historical precedent, she oughta be sentenced to 20 days in jail -- suspended.

(Update: typo fixed. Thanks, Tom, for not being a lout about pointing it out.)

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IANAL, but there might be a... (Below threshold)

IANAL, but there might be a criminal trespass in there too.

If she were my daughter, sh... (Below threshold)

If she were my daughter, she'd be better off standing trial for manslaughter than being released back into my custody.

When is the Katie Couric in... (Below threshold)

When is the Katie Couric interview? The public wants to know all about the "runaway driver" and how just completely freaked out she was by all the elaborate details involved in calling 911...

"she oughta be sentenced to... (Below threshold)

"she oughta be sentenced to 20 days in jail -- suspended"

SHE should be "suspended", if you get my drift.

McGeHee and Joe, I agree!!<... (Below threshold)

McGeHee and Joe, I agree!!

Jay, I hate to complain but you have set some terribly high standards....
"[A]nd in on sense I can see" that you missed the 'e'.

Terrible tragedy, both that someone had to die before this dim-bulb wakes up (assuming, I know...) and that she will receive here 15 Minutes instead of her 'due process'.

But Ted was drunk at the ti... (Below threshold)

But Ted was drunk at the time...so he wasn't responsible. This fine example of failed Darwinism on the other hand...

What a glib little birdbrai... (Below threshold)

What a glib little birdbrain. She seamlessly enters her victim's house to freshens up while the poor woman lies yards away in dire need of medical help.

She deserves 20 years just for that.

I'm always fascinated as to how one parents an off-spring to that level of moral deficiency?

Mom gets 10 years just for that.

One question. Did they read... (Below threshold)

One question. Did they read her the Miranda rights?

Not to be outdone. There a... (Below threshold)

Not to be outdone. There are two other terrific MA stories that shared the headlines with this one yesterday. The first being about the 16 year old driver who had his license for a week that was fooling around with some of his friends (passing in a no-passing zone I believe) when his car was broadsided killing his 14 year old girlfriend.

And the other, the story of the pothead who was high and cleaning his gun, when he fired it into his floor. This resulted in the bullet passing through the floor into the downstairs apartment where it killed a woman sleeping on her mother's couch.

Let's give every idiot in this state their fair shake.

Miranda will probably be ru... (Below threshold)
Zsa Zsa:

Miranda will probably be running for the Senate and rubbing elbows with Teddy in no time!...Great story!

And when perky Katie Couric... (Below threshold)
Old Coot:

And when perky Katie Couric beckons, Ms. Miranda-Edwards should wear a highly visible neck-brace.

I love the way the mother t... (Below threshold)

I love the way the mother tries to spread the blame around instead of just admitting her daughters a screwup.

From one of the articles :

"Before the hearing yesterday, Lolita Miranda, 38, acknowledged her daughter's role in the crash, calling it a stupid decision and a tragedy. But she said her daughter's friend, Nicole Silveira, of Beverly, shares some responsibility for handing over her keys to her daughter and a friend, 17-year-old Corrina Hairston, also of Beverly."

Well, at least there wasn't... (Below threshold)

Well, at least there wasn't swimming involved.

Curious....I'd like to know how this plays on the leftist side, or is it just schrugged off?






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