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Britney Spears Let's It All Hang Out

Last week I reported that Britney Spears was in talks to recreate Demi Moore's famous 1991 Vanity Fair cover shot. While that may (or may not) be true, it also appears to be irrelevant. Spears apparently is going to let it all hang out in public as often as possible for the next 4 months. Taken yesterday...


More here, here, and here
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Comments (18)

Actually that's the best pi... (Below threshold)

Actually that's the best pic I've seen of her in a year or so.... Granted most of the pix I see of her are on Wizbang so maybe that is Kevin's fault.

ahem- and admittedly that a... (Below threshold)

ahem- and admittedly that ain't saying much.

I bet she has Hillary Cankl... (Below threshold)

I bet she has Hillary Cankles, too.

Oh, what once was is no longer, I guess.

cankles = calves and ankles... (Below threshold)

cankles = calves and ankles, forming a collective, shapeless body appendage. Hence, cankles.

What, no Starbucks cup?... (Below threshold)

What, no Starbucks cup?

I really, really miss the Dollar General tablecloth moo-moo dress too.


Is it mid-July already Kevi... (Below threshold)

Is it mid-July already Kevin? :-)

Ok, the one with the fat be... (Below threshold)

Ok, the one with the fat belly is already knocked up. What about the brunette?

I agree with Paul. I saw t... (Below threshold)

I agree with Paul. I saw this photo yesterday on another blog and thought the same thing.

Cankles. I love that (the term, not the actual cankle-thing).

I wonder if customs has a p... (Below threshold)

I wonder if customs has a problem with her smuggling those ping pong balls in her top?

she looks alot thinner/better there than the pic from a couple weeks ago with the longsleeve maroon top on, looking like she was about to give birth to a child and a vat of butter.

God bless the enginerrs who... (Below threshold)

God bless the enginerrs who work in fabric.

Maybe I'm old fashioned, bu... (Below threshold)

Maybe I'm old fashioned, but I am very happy for Britney that she is married and in a family way. I hope that her marriage isn't one of these Hollywood Hook-ups and lasts for many years and that she has lots and lots of rugrats.

And besides, I think she looks rather hot being pregnant. Maybe it's the expectant mother glow or something.

Okay, I have nothing in the... (Below threshold)

Okay, I have nothing in the fashion sense department, but even I can tell that is just wrong, wrong, wrong. I mean, even if you overlook the flimsy "look at my huge nipples" halter top and the "no pregnant woman should wear this skirt" skirt, you just have to ask, "Why the hell is she wearing cowboy boots???"

Heh. Jinx beat me too it. I... (Below threshold)

Heh. Jinx beat me too it. I'm not the fashion expert, I'll leave that to The Manolo and the GoFugYourself chicks...but damn...those boots?! Where did they come from?

What El- wrote (^^).<... (Below threshold)

What El- wrote (^^).

She's past the first eight weeks of vomitus and discomfort and looks to be on her way through to the fulfillment of a healthy and happy pregnancy.

That's a good thing. And, because of that, she looks great.

My opinion might change at months eight and nine, however, but more than a few women continue to look great throughout. Brittney's fitness level certainly will be her best asset all throughout.

Best wishes to her for a happy baby and family.

I with a lot of others...it... (Below threshold)

I with a lot of others...it's sad, really, but that is the best she's looked in quite some time...

She reminds me of the woman... (Below threshold)

She reminds me of the woman that shared a room with my wife after the birth of my daughter.
She came into the room with her gown open. I kid you not, everything was hanging out. She then promptly put on her boots, walked outside and had a few cigs while her mother fed her child that was just brought up from the newborn baby ward.
Then the clan (her other two kids and her current husband and the father of her baby - a different guy) stopped by with beer and mommy "had her bottle too".
I promptly went to the administrator and begged for a private room.

The Headlight Manufacturers... (Below threshold)

The Headlight Manufacturers of American must be thrilled by that picture, especially since she has her high beams on.

I think the anti Britney an... (Below threshold)

I think the anti Britney animus-to which I certainly subscribe is a combination of her having been so successful with negligible talent;i.e., can't sing , can't act and even with some enhancements of certain attributes and great cosmetologists she ain't that hot.Yet,she'e certainly made more money by shrewd marketing in a few years than I will in my life.However,it's hard to think what she can do to sustain interest in her.






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