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Introducing Myself

Hello everybody.

My name is Rob and I run Say Anything. Please excuse the hideous template. I'm still recovering from a week-long feud with my former hosting company Powweb. The feud resulted in their deleting my blog. I was lucky to have been able to back up my posts before everything went down, but I lost my templates and everything else. So, basically, I'm rebuilding from scratch.

I'm very happy Kevin asked me to guest post for him. Wizbang has always been a favorite read of mine. Indeed, it was one of the first blogs I ever read. I'd tell you all that Kevin was my inspiration to start blogging, but that sounds a little cheesy. Suffice it to say that Kevin's influence was what convinced me that there is nothing wrong with mixing serious political commentary with photos of red-hot babes.

So I'll be posting here a few times a day (outside of tomorrow when I'll be away on a day trip for business). Hopefully, if you like what you see, you'll stop by and visit me at Say Anything.


Speaking of red-hot babes, have you guys checked out fellow guest blogger Mary Katherine Ham's photo at Townhall?

All due respect to Mary, but yowza...

Rob Port owns and operates Say Anything.

Comments (19)

Hi Rob. Nice to meet you.<... (Below threshold)

Hi Rob. Nice to meet you.

Hey- Imagine seeing you her... (Below threshold)

Hey- Imagine seeing you here.

I know. ... (Below threshold)

I know.

I have no idea what Kevin was thinking.

He was hoping for an introd... (Below threshold)

He was hoping for an introduction to Mary Katharine.

As who isn't? :-}

Welcome aboard, Rob. Glad t... (Below threshold)

Welcome aboard, Rob. Glad to see you got your site up and running again.

Hi, Rob. Glad to see you he... (Below threshold)

Hi, Rob. Glad to see you here and that you had a backup of your site. Coincidentally, I was catching up with reading Wizbang's June entries earlier today, and when it came to the Reuters/DSM saga, Paul's 6/22/05 item entitled “Reuters “Seals” their own fate”, no longer linked to your:


Looks like the Powweb server deletion of your site was date-coincident.

I'm not catching your drift... (Below threshold)

I'm not catching your drift BR, are you saying that Powweb's deletion may have had something to do with that post?

I did have one of their techs tell me that my "right wing tactics" wouldn't work with them (after I sent my readers into their support chat room) but I have my doubts that the whole thing was politically motivated.

I know that this must be a ... (Below threshold)

I know that this must be a popular weblog, having been getting frequent hits from its blogroll. Good luck in guest blogging!

Hi, Rob...a tangential thin... (Below threshold)

Hi, Rob...a tangential thing here...when webhosts are bad, they are very, very bad, in my experience (and also in yours from the story you relate).

I found (finally) a great webhost laden with features and a very intelligent and astute (and best yet, non attitudinal, emotionally stable) technical server host guy:


I found them through a webhost reference page by MovableType -- organizations that MT has found worthy and who offer a full install of a licensed copy of MT along with hosting plans.

But, I was, as some are, looking for more than just a blog with MT from a host and asked AQHost.com if they could combine for me a business hosting plan with one of their blogger plans and they agreed to...

So, what I've resulted in is a fully featured webhost with MT installs and all upgrades for the life of my account...and I've yet to ever experience a down time, an outage, anything objectionable.

AQHost even responds to Technical requests within minutes and always very thoroughly in responses, as in, they repair whatever the problem is and/or explain howto's immediately, and I've yet to ever encounter any snips or nastiness or impatience, just nothing at all negative from them. And, they've offered additionaly server-side helps when/as needed/appropriate, which has impressed me as to their quality of technical ability and willingness to service accounts.

But what I like the most is their reliability and full features with plans...CPanel and a full array of webstats and more. It's a very, very good webhost and I highly recommend them:


O.K., that's the end of that but welcome to Wizbang.

Hi again, Rob. To answer y... (Below threshold)

Hi again, Rob. To answer your question - I don't know; it depends on what was in your Reuters post or any other posts right before the trouble began. Did you have something explosive there? Can you post the 6/22/05 Reuters/fake DSM item again at your new site? I couldn't find it between June 21 and your next posts at June 27. Is that the period in which your server host Powweb started inexplicably sabotaging your site, accusing you of "abusive script" - progressing to complete deletion? (And now someone is trying to cut your money lines via Paypal, I notice.)

He was hoping for an int... (Below threshold)

He was hoping for an introduction to Mary Katharine.

Not necessary. We've met several times.

I don't know BR. Honestly,... (Below threshold)

I don't know BR. Honestly, I can't prove anything. I'm just going to let it be water under the bridge.

As for my new hosting service, I've chosen Site5.com. I'm liking them so far.

Will you re-post your 6/22/... (Below threshold)

Will you re-post your 6/22/05 article and thread re Reuters? I still want to read it.

Its right <a href="http://s... (Below threshold)

Its right here BR. Never went away.

Thanks for the link, Rob. ... (Below threshold)
Aaaah! Just found a cached... (Below threshold)

Aaaah! Just found a cached version here:

Haven't read it yet. Is it the complete text and thread?

Oh yummy, and more of it he... (Below threshold)

Oh yummy, and more of it here:

My oh my, Rob! Now that I'... (Below threshold)

My oh my, Rob! Now that I've read it, I see you intrepidly bird-dogged Reuters on where they got that image. Well done on your persistence!! Man after my own heart :)

So maybe you stepped on one of the octupussy's tentacles - remember the stockmarket deception - Napoleon - Waterloo - carrier pigeons - early version of Reuters. Hee hee!


Quote from one of many Googled items, randomly picked:

"Kent Cooper, head of the Associated Press, writes in his autobiography, Barriers Down, 'International bankers under the House of Rothschild acquired an interest in the three leading European agencies.'...

Thus the Rothschilds bought control of Reuters International News Agency, based in London, Havas of France, and Wolf in Germany, which controlled the dissemination of all news in Europe."

Thanks for the kind words B... (Below threshold)

Thanks for the kind words BR. I do my best.

I guess I did lose that post. I thought I got them all, but there was a gap between my last backup of my database and what was on the live site.






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