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Sometimes the crime is its own punishment

Up in Albany, NH, a teenage girl stopped at a rest area along the Kancamagus Highway. While in the outhouse, she happened to look down in the hole and saw a man looking back up at her. She screamed and the police was summoned.

The police called in firefighters, who hauled the man out of the waste tank and hosed him down before the cops slapped the cuffs on Gary Moody, 45, of Gardiner, NH and charged him with criminal trespass.

I'll freely admit there have been times when I've been desperate for even the cheapest of thrills, but if I'm ever caught under an outhouse in a tank full of... waste... just to get a peek at female flesh, please just shoot me on the spot.

And burn down the outhouse with my body still under it.

(Update: Crud, I forgot to link to the story. Why didn't anyone tell me before then? I had to wait until Josh tracked back to this for ANYONE to point that out. You're slipping, people. Usually you're crawling all over each other to catch me in a mistake.)


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Comments (18)

Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.... (Below threshold)



How do people get this way?

And if the sick bastard goe... (Below threshold)

And if the sick bastard goes to trial, he’ll probably get off on a jury of pee-ers…..

NH must really be backwards... (Below threshold)

NH must really be backwards... Here in Jersey rest stops actually have TOILETS, that FLUSH...


I promise you.. if you ever... (Below threshold)

I promise you.. if you ever get that bad,, I will be honored to be your second as I hand you my sword for you to take matters into your own hands.. and go with some dignity

jmaster,you don't de... (Below threshold)

you don't deserve much better with that awful pun. Ceeerripes!

Webster: If it wer... (Below threshold)


If it weren’t for bad taste, I’d have no taste at all. But I think I even offended myself with that one.

I guess I'm just as tastele... (Below threshold)

I guess I'm just as tasteless -- LOL at that pun.

Well, The Kanck is really a... (Below threshold)
Governor Breck:

Well, The Kanck is really a highway-in-name-only. In reality, its a twisty, barely-paved track through the heart of the White Mountains. Very beautiful to drive, but only if you're not in a hurry. The rest areas are all run by the state parks board and thus have pit toilets. Plus, it can be devilishly hard to install a septic system and leeching field when the topsoil is only three inches thick.
As for this guy in the toilet. Wow, what a freak. If he wanted to look at nude women so much why didn't he just get an Internet connection? I've heard there's lots of nude women on the Internet.

Jay tea,... Tell me that wa... (Below threshold)
Zsa Zsa:

Jay tea,... Tell me that was not a true story! Surely that did not really happen. . . Please! Don't let it be true! Surely not? Nobody would actually do that? Would they? ...Jay !!! Tell me the truth!

jmaster, you ought to be ho... (Below threshold)

jmaster, you ought to be horsewhipped for that pun.

Now...anybody got a horse?

Maybe he was a <a href="htt... (Below threshold)

Maybe he was a Ninja Assassin?

Porkopolis, get in line beh... (Below threshold)

Porkopolis, get in line behind jmaster! (mutters to himself, "A horse, a horse, my kingdom for a horse!")

"Gary Moody, 45, of Gardine... (Below threshold)

"Gary Moody, 45, of Gardiner, NH"

He is from Gardiner, ME, not NH.

As a New Hampshire resident, I feel a duty to point out that it's the people from Maine, not us, that are the freaks.

"NH must really be backwards... Here in Jersey rest stops actually have TOILETS, that FLUSH...


We have those too. Not necessarily at the campgrounds or other out of the way places. Or should I assume that the Jersey definition of "roughing it" is "fewer channels on the TV"?

This story has actually kep... (Below threshold)

This story has actually kept me awake at night with revulsion. There are some questions that haunt me.

1. How long was he down there?
2. Did he bring a lunch or a snack?
3. Did he have a flashlight?
4. Was he there to peep, or was he into "showers"?
5. Why bother with the hip waders? He didn't want to get dirty?
6. How many times has he done this before?
7. What else has this sick bast*rd done?

Maybe he just dropped his w... (Below threshold)

Maybe he just dropped his watch or something and was trying to get it back. And then he was too embarassed to say anything when someone came in. That's what I'm going to think. Yeah, that's gotta be it. Dropped his watch.

His watch! Yes!"Y... (Below threshold)

His watch! Yes!

"Your Honor, I'm actually into crossdressing and I dropped my watch when I was in here last week..."

This is the final proof tha... (Below threshold)
Andrew Thatcher:

This is the final proof that if you can conceive
of something then someone has already done it.

Trouble is, this is inconceivable...

This is just too rich. I we... (Below threshold)
Skeletor Xp:

This is just too rich. I went to school with this guy, worked with him, tossed back a few with him. But never in a hundred years would I have imagined that ANYONE would be doing this, anyone! What has happened in your life that this is the way you get your jollies.
Let me tell you some things. I live in Maine, I know this happened in N.H., but we are right next door. The temperature that day was over 90 F, with a very high humidity level.
One report I read stated the access door to clean out this pit was locked, that Mr. Moody had to have gone down through one of the holes. You know which holes I’m talking about.
He was wearing (hip?)waders but he had to be hosed-off. Hmmm, must have gotten some inside the rubber pants. Accident or intention?
It brings up a lot of questions concerning logistics. So how does it go, he gets there very early before anyone else, installs himself in the tank, hangs around all day, leaves after folks seem to be done using the facility?
What happens in between?
Doesn’t he need to eat or drink during that period?
Is he Brown Bagging it?
Doesn’t it make a mess when he leaves?
Is he peeking at both the girls and the boys?
Is he crossing state lines with these images on tape or digital media?
He owns a convenience store in Windsor Maine, that has a lunch counter. Wonder what it’s like using the restrooms there?
I wonder if there is any truth to the conversations I’ve heard saying Mr. Moody claimed to have lost a wedding band, implying that he at least considered this a reasonable solution?
Or the even more incredible suggestion that this may not have been the first time Mr. Moody had been found in this same situation, claiming his wallet had fallen in on the previous occassion?

This story is so hard to comprehend, impossible to understand how it could come to this for someone.
I sincerely hope Gary can get some help, but at 45 it’s probably unlikely the behaviour would change. He was a decent kid in high school and as recently as a year ago I witnessed him treating the folks around him pretty well, but man, what a freakshow this is.







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