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Your semi-regular illegal immigration update

In the case of the illegal alien charged with criminal trespass in Hudson, NH, the prosecution has answered the attempt by the defense to dismiss the charges. They say that Sergio Robles Ruiz of Mexico knew he entered the United States illegally, and willfully refused to obtain a visa to remain here legally. Therefore, he was breaking the New Hampshire criminal trespass statute, which states unequivocally:

"A person is guilty of criminal trespass if, knowing that he is not licensed or privileged to do so, he enters or remains in any place."

Prosecutor Brenda Hume made an analogy that makes my heart swoon. "His omission to get permission to be in this country is his failure to act, just as a sexual offender who fails to register commits an omission to act when legally required to do so."

On the other hand, Robles Ruiz' defense attorney is repeating what I earlier nominated for the "Duh" quote of the day: "there is no safe harbor in the entire state where Mr. Robles Ruiz could go to avoid breaking the law."

Yup, that's just about right.

And in a related story, we see the consequences of just letting our current immigration policy (isn't that an oxymoron?) stay unaltered, as two Massachusetts men are being charged with smuggling illegal aliens into the country as indentured servants, forced to work to pay off their "travel expenses" and interest, piled on at the rate of 5 to 7 percent per month. Some illegal aliens apparently had to give back all their wages towards their debt until it was settled.

Those who support "immigrant rights" (the wonderful euphemism that allows them to blend together those who follow all the rules and laws and come here legally, and those criminals who cut in line and violate the laws of the United States) accuse those of us who want strict enforcement of our borders and immigration laws of being hard-hearted and cruel. But it's their own complacency for the status quo and opposition to enforcement of the law that leads to such cases as these modern-day slave traders.

But that's OK. They're the compassionate ones, after all. They're the ones that really care about people. Even the slave traders.

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So, the theory in practice ... (Below threshold)

So, the theory in practice as I see it is that the most ardent supporters/promoters of "immigrant rights" are thereby endorsing diminished working conditions and cheap, very cheap, labor. On both sides of the issue.

There are similar groups who "import" people from China and other areas of Asia, who require them to work off the costs for many years of very difficult labor, during which they're actually held like prisoners. There was a place in Orange County, CA I recall from a few years ago -- very nice neighborhood wherein some neighbors noticed and complained about a house with a high fence that had installed barbed wire around the top edge -- and when busted, it turned to be harboring illegal immigrants from Asia held captive in the place, all sewing away for hours on end to pay off their debts...

That's just the one house that was busted. I'm sure there are many more like that one.

The whole 'Can't Stop illeg... (Below threshold)

The whole 'Can't Stop illegal immigration' is a load of bull. It is not too difficult once you start locking people up when you catch them!

Fighting Illegal Immigration is easier than anyone is willing to admit

What Fred Fry wrote (^^).</... (Below threshold)

What Fred Fry wrote (^^).

For starters, CA House has again passed legislation (SB-60) that is planned on enabling drivers licenses being issued to illegall immigrants.

People should appeal this to Governor Schwarzenegger, who earlier vetoed nearly identical legislation in the state...it was just reasserted and now again passed and the Governor should again veto it, but needs to hear public support about the veto. Otherwise, CA, state of illegal immigrants and ever swellingly so, will start providing illegal immigrants with state drivers licenses and it'll be a bad day for America.






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