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Fashionably Late

Wow, I just got here, and I've already earned a yowza (thank you, Rob.). Maybe I should quit while I'm ahead. And maybe I should thank Townhall for putting that camera-friendly-stunt-double money in the budget. That's foresight for ya.

I'm Mary Katharine and I'm delighted to be blogging in such good company. Thanks to Kevin and Jay Tea for letting me play. I hope you'll all enjoy. Rob kindly linked to my bio page, but I'll tell you a little about myself.

I'm from North Carolina (Tobacco Road, baby!) and went to the University of Georgia (Hershel Walker, baby! ok, so I'm living in the past). After that, reporter, editor for Heritage Foundation, and now Townhall writer.

Now, I shall commence to guest-blogging. A couple weeks ago, I wrote a fake campaign ad on Townhall, which Trey Jackson and Frank J were nice enough to help me put together.

Some people wonder how the blogosphere is changing the world. This project is testament to the fact that, with the talent pool of the blogosphere at our fingertips, none of use should ever stop dreaming of new ways to pick on Howard Dean. Don't give up. Don't ever give up!
With that, I give you:

Which One Would You Choose?

Mary Katharine Ham blogs at the Townhall C-Log, and goes by Mary Katharine. One of those Southern things. (just fyi).

Comments (6)

T'ain't nuthin' wrong with ... (Below threshold)

T'ain't nuthin' wrong with being a tarheel!

(Though I prefer the Wolfpack, myself.)

As Axel Rose (I think) said... (Below threshold)

As Axel Rose (I think) said "Welcome to the Jungle!"

Nice campaign ad, but I doubt the Republicans will use it. Don't want to offend anyone, now do we?

Welcome, etc.!Anyb... (Below threshold)

Welcome, etc.!

Anybody that makes fun of Howard Dean can't be too awful bad in my book.

Thanks, guys. After I saw t... (Below threshold)

Thanks, guys. After I saw the throw-down that happened when Jeff G. guest-blogged at Small Dead Animals, I was a little nervous. Not that I can't take it...

Be kind to those of us read... (Below threshold)

Be kind to those of us readers who are actually old enough to remember when Herschel Walker was at Georgia.

Mary Katharine Ham blogs... (Below threshold)
Huda Thunkit:

Mary Katharine Ham blogs at the Townhall C-Log, and goes by Mary Katharine. One of those Southern things. (just fyi).

FYI - For Yankees' Information, the English language officially lacks a second person plural, but American's have made new ones. The NE has "youse guys", but when Mary Katharine writes "fyi" it means "Fer Yall's Information". ;-)






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