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Debate Over Silence At The President's Speech?

Well that's a handy rhetorical device to use. Take something that has a perfectly logical explanation and then just make up your own.

The troops were clearly ordered to refrain from boisterous cheering. The President wanted a relatively quiet, contemplative forum from which to address the nation. That's what the soldiers gave him.

There's no debate here, just soldiers following orders.

And lets not forget that tens of thousands of people (most of them soldiers) who wanted to see the President speak were turned away. That's not exactly evidence supportive of the idea that the soldiers are unhappy with the President's leadership.

(via The Political Teen)

Rob Port is the owner and operator of Say Anything.

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New corollary to Occam's Ra... (Below threshold)

New corollary to Occam's Razor, we can just call it MoveOn.org's Razor.

"When faced with two conflicting explanations for why an event has occured, the one that most damages Republicans is most likely the correct explanation."

That's idiotic. All the new... (Below threshold)

That's idiotic. All the news coverage I saw explained that the troops had been ordered not to cheer. I, for one, appreciate Bush's attempt to keep the speech short, sweet, and serious.

And if there was a raucous ... (Below threshold)

And if there was a raucous crowd, they would have complained that it was turning serious matters of war into a football pep rally. F'ing retards.

I never tire of writing thi... (Below threshold)

I never tire of writing this, but, again, here it is: let the Left just continue on with the irrationals because it is proving time and time again just how irrational they are.

This is about as stupid a thing as they've yet to opine. And I've heard and read some incredibly stupid things. I think what's taking place is that because most of them won't listen/view FOX news, they miss out on balanced information.

As in, it was stated many times and often and obvious even from the President's speech venue itself (at a military base), that those present wouldn't be dressed in pink or otherwise creeping about during/before/after the speech.

Sigh. Only to the Left is "silence" a bad thing, a cause for concern.






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