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Equating Revolutionaries With Terrorists

NBC's Brian Williams thinks a comparison between our founding fathers and the Islamic terrorists we're fighting in Iraq is an issue worth debating.

Let's highlight just a few of the major differences between the terrorists in Iraq and the revolutionaries who founded this country, shall we?.

  1. Our founding fathers organized an army of men and met the British army on the field of battle. The terrorists pose as citizens and hide behind their women and children.
  2. Our founding fathers never chopped the heads off captive British soldiers or civilians.
  3. Our founding fathers fought, in part, for the freedom to practice religion openly. The terrorists are fighting to force their brand of religious dogma down the throats of everybody else.
  4. Our founding fathers never targeted civilians with suicide attacks. Suicide attacks, especially those using brainwashed women and children, are the bread and butter of the terrorists.
  5. And, perhaps most importantly:

  6. The terrorists are fighting against the spread of freedom. Our founding fathers fought against an oppressive British regime to spread freedom.

Despite what Brian Williams thinks, I don't believe this is an issue worth debating. The comparisons aren't even remotely apt and even engaging in the discussion lends a semblance of legitimacy to the murderous, fascist tyrants we're fighting in Iraq and around the world.

(via Ankle Biting Pundits)

Rob Port is the owner and operator of Say Anything.


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Comments (13)

You missed his point! Will... (Below threshold)

You missed his point! Williams meant this as an insult to Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Terrorist-elect of Iran. Being an ultra-liberal "journalist" (redundancy alert), he believes the Founders are the source of all evil on the planet (said evil being the USA). Thus, equating him with them is meant to insult him!

What a vacuous birdbrain an... (Below threshold)

What a vacuous birdbrain and what a telling insight into the contempt that the mainstream media feels towards America.

The legacy mainstream media can't die fast enough.

The 1979 Iraqnian revolutio... (Below threshold)

The 1979 Iraqnian revolution was for misogyny, oppression and tyranny.

The U.S. revolution was for freedom.

I wouldn't expect liberals know the difference.

Well, most terrprosts jave ... (Below threshold)
Leftism = Dumb Comparisons:

Well, most terrprosts jave two arms and two legs, just like the Patriots.

Just like the Nazis and Hitler.

Founding Fathers = Nazis

By making this post, are yo... (Below threshold)

By making this post, are you not actually engaging in just such a debate?

Just sayin….

Not really. Williams wants... (Below threshold)

Not really. Williams wants to debate the so-called similarities between the Founding Fathers and terrorists. Rob is saying that such a debate is, itself, stooopid. His reasons are not to engage Williams' lame debate, but to show just how lame such a debate is. Or so I see it. I'm sure Rob will let me know if I'm off-base.

Nope, that's pretty much th... (Below threshold)

Nope, that's pretty much the sum of it Sean.

Stupidity has a tendency to become conventional wisdom unless it is exposed for what it is.

Not so long ago on Wizbang,... (Below threshold)

Not so long ago on Wizbang, someone was insisting in the comments section that the French Revolution was "like our American Revolution."

And, of course, the opinion was that of a liberal.

Long paragraphs later, specifically explaining the nature of just what the French Revolution was, and why our American Revolution was nothing at all like it, the liberal numbness remained. Like Chinese water torture.

I think this is another example of that same phenomenon but it's the frequency that bothers me...like so much in entertainment, glorifying Che Guevera and now even heroics for Castro...it seems that the left really is enamored with communism. And reasons similarly, to the suppresion often of realities. I can't say I'm surprised.

Actually, it wasn't just Br... (Below threshold)

Actually, it wasn't just Brian Williams that broached this subject. It was, according to the report, that "...several of us raised the point..." Meaning several people on the editorial staff also believe the same thing. Brilliant.

Question: How do such maginally intelligent people get into such high ranking editorial positions?

The idea is just moronic.

What has happened to the ab... (Below threshold)

What has happened to the ability to think? Williams is an idiot and a very public one. Moral relativism and stupidity have collided in his miniscule cranial cavity to form a replacement for what used to be his brain!

Oh there's one really big d... (Below threshold)

Oh there's one really big difference that was not mentioned. One of the founding principles of the Iranian revolution is to KILL JEWS!!! The American revolution had no such principle as I recall. Fuck Brian Williams.

Good. Now let's go back in ... (Below threshold)

Good. Now let's go back in time and tell Reagan all this, before he decides to bankroll the Mujihadeen. Then we'll be golden.

"Now let's go back in time.... (Below threshold)
Les Nessman:

"Now let's go back in time.."

Some are already there, living in the past with nothing constructive to say about the present or future. That's why they keep losing elections lately.

"..and tell Reagan all this, before he decides to bankroll the Mujihadeen..."

Of course, you don't mention that he helped the Muj because they were opposing the Soviet invasion. See, that's how it works in the mean old real world sometimes. We allied with Stalin to oppose Germany and Japan at that time. We helped those who opposed the Communists at a later time. No permanemt friends, just permanent interests, etc..

"..Then we'll be golden."

So you opposed Reagan supporting the Muj at that time? (/sure you did!/) Was your opposition due to the fact that you *knew* the muj would turn on us or was it because they were fighting Communists?
Probably the latter...






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