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Extreme Circumstances?

Not long ago, the Senate neared judicial showdown when Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist, R-Blockhead, nearly invoked the constitutional option to get Democrats to drop the ridiculous, unprecedented filibuster of President Bush's judicial nominees.

And now the Democrats are at it again. President Bush has nominated a highly qualified jurist who will interpret the law as conservatives know it is written, rather than on some namby-pamby liberal theory that liberals put out daily.

And what have the obstructionist Democrats done? They've broken the word. Where they said they would filibuster a nominee only in "extreme circumstances," they have chosen to obstruct President Bush's reasonable nominee and deny that jurist an up-or-down vote.

Since the Democrats have broken their word, Senator Frist is now free to use the constitutional option to force an up-or-down vote. And if he's not willing to use it, he should step aside and let somebody else be majority leader.

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Comments (10)

Pennywit=Modern Political N... (Below threshold)

Pennywit=Modern Political Nostradamus?

Nah... we can all see this coming. It is funny, in a sad way, to think of the rhetoric that will soon be flying.

Are you sure you are as lib... (Below threshold)

Are you sure you are as liberal as you claim to be?

Whocares:Yeah unpr... (Below threshold)


Yeah unprecedented. Care to enlighten us to the last time the GOP alone filibustered a judicial nominee. And I'm not talking about something that happend in comitee, I'm talking about the Senate floor.

Re…wizbang 7-1-05R... (Below threshold)

Re…wizbang 7-1-05

RE: And now the Democrats are at it again. President Bush has nominated a highly qualified jurist who will interpret the law as conservatives know it is written, rather than on some namby-pamby liberal theory that liberals put out daily.

Well...who has he nominated?

Off topic somewhat: confidence is high that Bush will nominate someone for the SC who is just as qualified as the generals who have faithfully implemented the "throw flowers at their feet", Iraq strategy. It could even rival the reality of the less than $400 billion prescription drug plan…that will cost more…a lot more.
The 10-year cost estimate at that time was just $400 billion, for the years 2004 to 2013, a far cry from the administration's latest estimate of $723.8 billion that the program will cost between 2006 and 2015.
Mark B. McClellan, the administration's Medicare chief, argued yesterday that the higher cost simply reflected the fact that officials were making projections farther in the future -- 2006 to 2015 instead of 2004 to 2013 -- when more baby boomers would be eligible for the benefits.
One of these days someone, somewhere, might recognize that Bush is wrong. Maybe the birth tax will wake the populace? What foolishness…who cares if we owe China our future…at least we didn't raise taxes or deal with reality. That's the true test of The Current Republicans. I'm an old republican who first likes to pay his bills.

Oh yeah, ha ha, you caught ... (Below threshold)

Oh yeah, ha ha, you caught us. We conservatives are going to bag on the Donks behavior as being uncooperative, even if the Senate votes 99-1 for Bush's nominee. Yep, we'll support anybody our great and infallible leader puts forth.

For the love of God, how na... (Below threshold)

For the love of God, how naive can the GOP be? Of course they'll filibuster. Any SCOTUS nomination is an “extreme circumstance". The agreement was worthless the instant it was signed.

You expect these people to keep their word?

Do you remember the budget talks between President Clinton, Senator Dole, and Rep. Gingrich about early 1996? They got an agreement -- on paper -- that said that the Clinton Administration would turn over a five year balanced budget with certain spending cuts using numbers scored by the CBO. Of course, Clinton did no such thing. The budget he turned in promptly ignored the CBO analysis. Dole and Gingrich were livid; Clinton's advisors just laughed. I remember Dole pointing out that the President agreed to it and signed his name. Dole said that he'd never seen anything like it in all his years of political life.

Gingrich didn't learn, either. He stood on a stage with Clinton a couple of years later and shook hands over an agreement to work together to save Medicare and not use it as a political football. Clinton left, flew down to Florida to speak to a group a seniors, and blasted Gingrich and the GOP for trying to destroy Medicare -- on the same day. Gingrich couldn't believe it.

The DNC has no moral, ethical, or legal standards. They'll say anything or do anything to win, including voter fraud, tearing up votes by military serving overseas, and breaking campaign finance laws. They believe that they are right, and the ends justify the means. Their word is worthless; their name on paper is worthless.

One of my conservative friends says that the DNC is the crocked party while the GOP is the stupid party.

I think he's right.

I believe Frist fears he do... (Below threshold)

I believe Frist fears he doesn't have enough votes to implement the so-called Nuclear Option. He knows he can't trust the McCain wing of the Republican Party.

When you have majority cont... (Below threshold)

When you have majority control of Congress, you don't HAVE to take things to the floor.

70% of Clinton's nominees got blocked, does that tell us something? Maybe that these tricks aren't new, and they aren't Democrat-exclusive?

"Maybe that these tricks ar... (Below threshold)

"Maybe that these tricks aren't new, and they aren't Democrat-exclusive?"

What tricks, Wendigo? When your in the majority and you know that a nominee won't get 51 votes because your whip has counted them, why not prevent a floor vote and embarassing loss for the nominee and executive branch?

I think that the Republicans were too charitable by doing that. Most of the blocked nominees from the Clinton administration came too late in his term (its pretty standard for the majority party not to consider late term appointments when it is a different party from the President in case their man wins the next election). Some of the others had embarassing info in their FBI files that would have sunk them anyway and were quietly left to die by the executive branch rather than be embarassed in open hearings.


Bork for SCOTUS, tanned rested and ready!

"70% of Clinton's nominees ... (Below threshold)

"70% of Clinton's nominees got blocked, ..."

Where are you getting that figure? The executive would have been rather empty if that were the case.







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