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Local boy makes less-than-good ruling

I've avoided commenting on New Hampshire's own David Souter in connection with the Kelo case for personal reasons, but I really think the time has come to give a bit of perspective on the Granite State Cypher from one of his homies.

David Souter's career of public service begins in 1968, when he joined the state Attorney General's office. That was where he met future Senator Warren Rudman, who helped guide Souter's career on to state Attorney General (1976), associate justice of the state Supreme Court (1983), and United States Court of Appeals judge (1990).

And when Supreme Court Justice William Brennan retired six months later, Bush nominated Souter.

This is where my oh-so-tangential connection to Souter comes in. I had a brief career in the Mainstream Media, and it happened to coincide with Souter's nomination.

Souter had two powerful friends in Washington who backed him for the United States Supreme Court. In addition to Warren Rudman, an influential Republican senator at the time, Souter was also vouched for by Bush chief of staff and former New Hampshire governor John Sununu (father of current NH Senator John H. Sununu). And Souter also had the backing of powerful people in New Hampshire, among them GOP lobbyist and former Attorney General Tom Rath.

(An amusing sidenote: the night Souter's nomination was announced, rumor had it that Rath had sent an emergency gardening team to Souter's home to mow his waist-high grass before the national media arrived with television cameras.)

I was outside the State House when Souter arrived. I was touched by the time how slight and unassuming he looked. And I had high hopes that he'd do us Cow Hampshirites proud.

Oh, the bitter disappointment. Souter, the "stealth justice" as he was dubbed for is astonishing lack of any sort of a paper trail, has let himself get seduced by the big city ways, and is held as a source of embarassment by many of us here in the Granite State.

It was at this point I was going to steal an idea from current Guest Poster Will Franklin (the main purpose of having such people is to steal their ideas from, after all) and use Google Earth to toss up a picture, but instead I'll just have to post a link to a map showing the future home of the Lost Liberty Hotel.

Normally, I support keeping farms as farms and opposing "development" of them into commercial properties, and having visited Weare, NH a few times I really don't think there's much call for a hotel (it's a lot of farmland and wooded hills/mountains, with twisty, shaded roads), but I think I will make an exception for this one.

Jay Tea has no other blog to plug besides Wizbang!, but was feeling left out.

Comments (6)

Since the area is surrounde... (Below threshold)

Since the area is surrounded with "wooded hills/mountains, with twisty, shaded roads" perhaps a ski lodge would be more appropriate? Los Liberty Lodge" (LLL). Kinda rolls right off the tongue, huh?

Oh, by all means feel free ... (Below threshold)

Oh, by all means feel free to plug Accidental Verbosity if you're feeling like you need to fit in with the guests.

Sign me up for a room when ... (Below threshold)
Frank McCollum:

Sign me up for a room when the Hotel or Lodge opens.

I am willing to spend $500 or so for such a good cause. I want the room with the broken "Burn the Constitution" fireplace. Not only am I willing to spend money, I am willing to be cold for a night or two to support such a cause.

Why not just give the prope... (Below threshold)

Why not just give the property back to the local Indian [oops, I mean NA] nation and let them build a casino resort there? That would "cover more ground."

Clements should start takin... (Below threshold)

Clements should start taking reservations with a small deposit to show that his hotel can and will be profitable (at least until the novelty wears off). I'm ready to plan my vacation for summer 2006!

Hooray and God Speed to Log... (Below threshold)
Maryann Lombardi:

Hooray and God Speed to Logan Darrow Clements, I will definately drive from Connecticut for dinner at the Just Desserts Cafe. Sounds real SWEET!!






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