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Three stages of realizing you've eaten way too many meals at home alone

Stage 1: You refer to your frozen stuffed chicken breast as "chicky-boob."

Stage 2: You start singing to your dinner:

"Chicky-boob, Chicky-boob, don'cha just love it!
Chicky-boob, Chicky-boob, don't you just love it!
Chicky-boob, Chicky-boob, don'cha just love it!
Chicky-boob, Chicky-boob-boob-boob."

Stage 3: You blog about the whole shameful thing.

Jay Tea has no other blog to plug besides Wizbang!, but this link could be yours for a reasonable fee.


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Comments (22)

Chicky-boob!? Oh My... (Below threshold)

Chicky-boob!? Oh My! Might I suggest a good therapist?

And you said that you don't... (Below threshold)

And you said that you don't drink....

How much constitues "reason... (Below threshold)

How much constitues "reasonable fee"?

Hey!!! You stole my lyrics... (Below threshold)

Hey!!! You stole my lyrics!!!

I think one of the trolls h... (Below threshold)

I think one of the trolls has put something into your chicken.

I can offer you a permanent... (Below threshold)

I can offer you a permanent guest blogging account at Accidental Verbosity.

Oh wait...

On another note (no pun int... (Below threshold)

On another note (no pun intended), that song always amused me. It was big when I was in 6th grade. I think I last heard it about 10 years ago.

Sounds like you need some real food, and maybe company. And not the virtual or artificial kind.

This is just completely stu... (Below threshold)

This is just completely stupid.

Don't be so hard on Jay Tea... (Below threshold)
Zsa Zsa:

Don't be so hard on Jay Tea!...He has been working too hard lately...

This is funny and sad all a... (Below threshold)

This is funny and sad all at the same time. *hides frozen dinners*

If anyone talks smack about... (Below threshold)

If anyone talks smack about Jay, they have to answer to ME.

I remember it as "chick-... (Below threshold)

I remember it as "chick-a-boom," not "chicky-boob."
Evidence that so it is:

Google search on chick-a-boom lyrics: 3,450 results, both for Daddy Dewdrop and Van Morrison songs

Google search on chicky-boob lyrics: 0 results

Google search on chicky-boom lyrics: 131 results, mostly for "Cuban Pete" (The Mask, Jim Carrey), Desi Arnez, etc. rumba music

Also 0 results for chick-a-boob lyrics and chicka-boob lyrics


Jay Tea:Maybe you ... (Below threshold)

Jay Tea:

Maybe you ought to switch to lasagna. (Hey, it works for Garfield)

ForNow:It WAS chic... (Below threshold)


It WAS chicken breast, after all.

Yes, it WAS about a chicken... (Below threshold)

Yes, it WAS about a chicken breast. I just saw that -- too late! Darn it. Quick, look over there!

Oh, thank you VERY VERY MUC... (Below threshold)

Oh, thank you VERY VERY MUCH! It took close to 30 years of careful work to finally and fully purge that song from my consciousness. In *5 seconds* you have undone it all.

Wow. Hope you don't feel th... (Below threshold)

Wow. Hope you don't feel that way about "In the Summertime" by Mungo Jerry, the one with skiffle, jug, washboard, etc. Or "Time of the Season" by the Zombies, click-(a)hhhh.

The Zombies? Mungo Jerry? ... (Below threshold)

The Zombies? Mungo Jerry? Pfft! Not even in the top 10 of irritating, insidious, and/or sappy pop songs. What about David Geddes? What about "Sweet"?

But to drop the A-bomb, I have just two words for you - Terry Jacks....

Although I don't purchase f... (Below threshold)

Although I don't purchase frozen dinners (I can cook, thank you very much), I feel certain that some company makes at least one that does not contain a chicken breast.

Brett - you beat me to it..... (Below threshold)

Brett - you beat me to it....

Akatsukami-san, Indeed they do. Quite a number have salisbury steak or meatloaf and such. There's turkey for those who prefer 'white meat' - and Stouffer's makes a reasonably good veal parmesan for those of us who want to upset PETA without going to a lot of trouble...

But, somehow, 'Veal-a-boom' just doesn't sound right.

I liked "Chick-a-Boo... (Below threshold)

I liked "Chick-a-Boom."
I googled on "David Geddes" and "Terry Jacks." "Sweet" was a little harder, but I persisted. "The Sweet."
I don't recognizes any of The Sweet's or Geddes' songs. Some of Geddes' lyrics are awful enough. Unfortunately, I did recognize "Seasons in the Sun" by Terry Jacks. I can't think of anything worse, certainly not "Chewy Chewy" by the Ohio Express (don't get lost in there) or, for that matter, even anything I've heard by Barry Manilow.

In the summertime... (Below threshold)

In the summertime
When all the trees and leaves are green
And the redbird sings I'll be blue
'Cause you don't want my love

Wait no -- that's not Mungo Jerry...






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