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Jumping the ... You Know What

Back when I worked at a small paper in a mountain town, July and August were particularly frustrating months. Literally, nothing happened. From what I could tell, the entire town packed up and left for some other clime, leaving reporters behind to marvel at, well, the emptiness.

But even if there's nothing going on, you still have to bring readers to advertisers. Sometimes, that means running a front-page story about Mrs. Kravitz's apple patch. The newsless doldrums have hit the national media, methinks. Aside from the Supreme Court fight, which is still in preseason exhibition games, there's not much going on ... so don't go in the water, 'cuz the sharks are coming to get you.

Don't pay too much attention to the accounts of shark attacks; it's just the summer doldrums. That said, I wouldn't recommend watching Jaws just before your trip to the beach ...

Pennywit is extremely masculine, yet has a soft, sensitive side. When he's not opening mayonnaise jars or petting bunnies, he blogs at Pennywit.com.

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Ah, but it's early and litt... (Below threshold)

Ah, but it's early and little boy Dean has been quiet lately -- what's up with that?

Have to say though, penny, you've given me faith that the other side is not a complete loss. Glad you decided to grace us...

I live in the middle of moonbat land and after being "outed" as a conservative I was looked at like I must be an alien, but after a while most folks have grown to accept me. Even like me.

As we discuss life, the world and politics and realize that we agree about 90% of the time. They thought that I must be some evil being, now they are beginning to know better.

Same with your presence here -- I hope.

Shhh. Be vewy,vewy quiet. I... (Below threshold)

Shhh. Be vewy,vewy quiet. I'm hunting wabbits! Heh-heh-heh-heh-heh.

(Like you said, newsless doldrums. And I just couldn't resist.)

OT - Ah, those wacky Eurowe... (Below threshold)

OT - Ah, those wacky Euroweenie Socialists are at it again. You can't make this stuff up. This weekend a French "anti-consumerism" socialist group will attempt to distrupt the French Formula 1 Grand Prix by marching a donkey convoy from Lyon to the site of the race at Magny-Cours. Their hope is to disrupt the flow of traffic to the track. (I wonder what PETA thinks of them placing the beasts of burden in harms way?) The group complains: "(F1 is an) anachronistic leisure reserved for a score of spoiled rich brats." They are also view the sport as a waste of the world's resources (all of the money in the sport is just ripe for income redistribution!) and pollutes the environment.


You mean Karl Rove possibly... (Below threshold)

You mean Karl Rove possibly being outed as the Plame leaker isn't news? Drudge
Compromising the national security, perjury, woooohooooo!!!!

You mean Karl Rove possi... (Below threshold)

You mean Karl Rove possibly being outed as the Plame leaker isn't news?

Get back to us when that's more than the wet dream of a BDS sufferer like O'Donnell.

He means Lawrence O'Donnell... (Below threshold)

He means Lawrence O'Donnell having a wet dream about Rove "possibly being outed" isn't news. And neither is Gordon making a fool of himself over mere speculation.

What we need is more shark-... (Below threshold)

What we need is more shark-killin stories, where are the crusty freelance shark hunters when we need them?

July and August were dead m... (Below threshold)
Ben Lange:

July and August were dead months? What, no county and state fairs?

I worked a local paper that... (Below threshold)

I worked a local paper that stuck to a relatively smal geographic area; the "county fair" was good for maybe one week of news, while the state fair was outside our purview ... and, again, good for one week of news.

Of course, I'm a bir more creative now ... if I had the "newsless doldrums" again at a newspaper, I know a few tecniques to make the stories at hand more interesting; the "county fair" becomes a long feature series about a local man with championship petunias, and so on and so forth.


Last time we had a summer w... (Below threshold)

Last time we had a summer where the news reported shark attacks all the time, the newslessness ended on 11 September. Hopefully that doesn't indicate that this is another calm before the storm...






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