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Medic! Man down!

I'm sorry I haven't posted much since yesterday. I managed to mangle my left pinkie a bit. And while it's of absolutely to impairment to most activities, just ask any touch typist what not being able to use the a, q, z, control, tab and shift keys without pain do for their typing abilities.

I am working on several pieces in my head, and once the ouch factor diminishes, I will get them up and posted.

Man, I feel like such a wimp...

Jay Tea will gladly trade a blog plug for a nice, topical anaesthetic until his missing pinkie nail regrows...

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And a blog pug is better th... (Below threshold)

And a blog pug is better than a fireplug.

Just ask any touch typist w... (Below threshold)

Just ask any touch typist what not being able to use the a, q, z, control, tab and shift keys without pain do for their typing abilities.

justice sndr dy o'connor stepped down, but rehnuist did not.


We all take sooooooooo much... (Below threshold)
Zsa Zsa:

We all take sooooooooo much for granted!... I think that when that happens! We are suppose to learn to be more aware of what we have and be more thankful... I hope your finger get's better soon!

I guess I could always just... (Below threshold)

I guess I could always just imagine some items from my bathroom cabinet going your way. Otherwise, I haven't a clue as to meet the request, Jay. Sorry about your pinkie...holding it over your head works to a degree (reduces circulation to the affected area). Otherwise, ouch.

THIS OUGH... (Below threshold)
Tony Valeri:




Ms Pelosi,

Your view of President Bush s IRAQ speech must have been predicated on your long time, no doubt, in bred, personality traits described, in name, below:

P = Pretentious Witch

E = Embittered Liberal

L = Leftist Lunatic

O = Opionionated Ass

S = Simplistic Skirt

I = Idiotic Empress

God help your constituents and the House Representatives that have to work with such a mis-shapen human being.

And God Bless President Bush who must suffer the slings and arrows of such an anti-American ingrate, like yourself, during this time of national crisis.

Tony Valeri, Eugene, OR, Tel: 541 607-6305 ([email protected])

Anybody brave enough to try... (Below threshold)

Anybody brave enough to try "Tony Valeri's" telephone number? I'm not. (I'm betting it's a porno line.)

fatman, I wish it was a por... (Below threshold)
Jay Tea:

fatman, I wish it was a porn line, but it's his.

I've dealt with this particular dipshit before. At least this time he's not bothering me directly; I'd hate to go through the effort of costing him a THIRD ISP account...


Thanks for the heads up, Ja... (Below threshold)

Thanks for the heads up, Jay. if I ever work up the energy--or nerve--to start my own blog, he's the first one going on my blocked list.






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